Thursday, October 2, 2008

An Easy week of Running

It's been a pretty easy uneventful week of running. It is very welcome.This is the 1st week, that I have been feeling it in the legs and joints. I guess the mileage and running 5 time a week, since early July has caught up to me a bit.
Once I get started running, I feel good, but getting up in the morning has been tough.
Guess this is part of the price you pay, to run a marathon.
Tuesday I ran a 5 mile run. Nothing special, I took the wife's van to the local tire shop, to get an oil change, give it the once over, and I put my 5 miles from there.
I ran a relaxing pace, 5.03 miles, 43:05mins.
Today, Thursday, I ran 6 miles in Veteran's Park. I wanted to get the run in before the Phils game, which started at 6:00pm (thanks MLB & TBS.. all about the $$).
Again, it was a pretty uneventful run, no weaves falling off girl's heads, or cops chasing me up a hill. No cross country meet. No deer in the woods, or wild turkeys running wild.
It was nice to run in very cool comfortable weather. There was a steady wind, but very manageable.
I ran 6.01 miles, 53:35mins.
fastest mile of the week: Tuesday, mile#5 8:09
slowest mile of the week: Thursday, mile#3 9:15

Saturday, I have a 4 miler on tap, and Sunday is the big one, 21miles!

Go Phils!


Vava said...

Nice running dude! Let those legs recover. I just read in the Runner's World Guide to Crosstraining that the most important gains as far as muscle goes occurs during periods of rest and NOT during exercise itself. Taking it easy once ever three to four weeks on a cycle that works for you seems to be the way to go. Running 5 times a week since July is a tonne, and you're gonna rock that marathon!

Also, the Phillies are making a mockery of the Brewers, as expected. Cole Hammels' performance in game one was unbe-freakin-lievable! Everyone's hitting, not just Howard or Utley, and that bodes very well for them. Are you able to see any games live? I am already jealous...

Laurel said...

I WAS windy today. But a beautiful day for a run.

Good luck on your 21 miles this Sunday. My Saturday calls for 18.

Go Phillies!

ncrunner12 said...

Good runs man, looks like you're doing just as good as your Phills. I had hoped that my Cubs would be seeing the Phills in the next series but it's not looking good at all for my Cubbies.

Good luck to your Phills and to you on the high miles this week, I'm doing 26 Saturday then staying up late to watch baseball... MLB is killing me with these games.

BeachRunner said...

Nice runs. It's recovery time.

[Gritting teeth] The Phils are looking good. The Cubs are taking a page out of the Mets' Book of Choking. Sadly, I am looking to the start of the hockey season already. Rangers-Flyers games this season should be epic battles. Too bad Nick Fotiu and Dave Schultz can't suit up any more.

FLYERS26 said...

I haven't been to any games yet.
I had the chance to go to Game 1, but turned it down.. family comes
That said, I am 1st in line at work, to go to the next home game. Hopefully it's not a game 5 vs Brewers.
I will be at opening nite, next Sat. vs Ranger$!
NCrunner... damn shame about the Cubs. I really wanted to see them go far. Down 2-0 is going to be tough! There is no place in the world better to see a baseball game at than Wrigley Field.

Darrell said...

That birthday you just had may be attributing to the difficulty getting out of bed. ;-)

Enjoy the long run. It is a big step to getting you the marathon.

Progman2000 said...

Good stuff man - good luck with that 21 miler Sunday. I would have been doing a 20 if I didn't end up altering my schedule. I think I am shooting for 14 on Saturday (the wife is running the Great Adventure 5k Sunday).

Supposed to be around 50 degrees both Sat & Sun in the early AM - big difference from a couple of weeks ago, much closer to race day temps!

J~Mom said...

I hear ya on getting up in the morning!!

Ted said...

Hey Flyers - the weather has been phenomenal. Cooler temp and a little bit windy but who cares? Its better than the summer temps. Keep up the good work! Philly Marathon is coming around the corner next month !!!

akshaye said...

Good luck with the 21 miler! Thats a nice and consistent week of running.