Monday, October 13, 2008

Indian Summer

With the weather forecast for highs in the 70's this past weekend, the wife & I made and executive decision to head to the beach! So with this being Columbus Day weekend, and the last weekend the piers would be open, off to Wildwood we went.

It was perfect weather, it felt more like Memorial Day weekend, not Columbus day in Oct.

The highs Sat & Sun where around 72-73deg, with a ocean breeze coming from the Northeast. It made it a bit chilly down by the ocean, but all in all, awesome weather, with no crowds. It was as if the beach was ours. We even took our dogs on the beach & boardwalk Sunday.

So, being back at the shore, where better to run than....

I had a 4 miler to do on Saturday. I got up and out a little after 6:00am both days. On Saturday, I ran the boardwalk, the last 2 miles. What a difference from the summer. The place had that eerie quiet to it. Kinda like a closed up amusement park, in a Scooby Doo cartoon.

4.01 miles 34:15 mins.

Sunday, I was up at the same time, and out the door to run 14 miles. Being downashore, I did the old out and back loop into Cape May. I must say, I wasn't looking forward to the run. Guess I still had the memory of the fall, fresh in my head. The past week, I haven't been "feelin' " the running. Guess the 5 days a week of training, are starting to take their toll on the psyche, not to mention the legs.

While I didn't feel all that well running, my times were dead on what I want to run in Philly, come November. There wasn't much of anything going on, on the run. Most places where closed up for the winter. That's a shame, because, like I said earlier, the weather was as nice as Memorial Day, if not better. And the bonus is.. no crowds!

14 miles 2:06:42 (1869 calories)

Mile / Time
1 9:32 min
2 9:18 min
3 9:02 min
4 9:06 min
5 9:03 min
6 8:59 min
7 9:01 min
8 8:49 min
9 8:48 min
10 8:56 min
11 8:53 min
12 8:52 min
13 8:57 min
14 9:18 min

I should hope to feel that bad, with splits like that in Nov.

Guess it wasn't as bad as I thought.

Back to the grind this week. It's the 6-8-6 mid week milers!

Hmmm.... maybe a race to swim on Tuesday?!


BeachRunner said...

Way to go! There is no place like the beach.

Your boys made it a real close game in the end, but how about those Rangers?

Progman2000 said...

Nice splits - so sounds like you are shooting for sub-4 at Philly?

FLYERS26 said...

I would really like to be around the 4hr mark.
We'll see.. I think I can, but ya never know. Most importantly, I want to finish.

Marcy said...

That has got to be so cool running there this time of year. So nice and peaceful :-) Most excellent job :-)

Darrell said...

Well done, taking advantage of maybe the last nice weekend of the season at the beach.

Laurel said...

Great job on the 14 miler. The beach looks beautiful! You're going to do great in Nov!

newLIrunner9 said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and the congrats!!

Your weekend sounds awesome and your times are fantastic!! So, how can you root for the flyers? Just kiddin'. I know you're a bud of BR411, and I mean no disrespect at all!!! I'm watching my Rangers as I type, and John Madden of the Devils just scored to make it Rangers 2 Deveil 1. But there is still a full period left, and in hockey time, that is TOO much. You know what I mean:)

I love that you are running Philedelphia! I already told BR411 that I want to run Philly in 2010. I know I'm insane, crazy, nuts, but I want to break 4 hours(Boston qualifier), I know you aren't supposed to have those goals for your first, but... competitiveness is in my blood. And if it doesn't happen, I will head to Philly the following year!! My bro went to Penn, and there are many great memories there. Fabulous city!! Would be a great Marathon to run.

You will do awesome!! You have trained hard and you will be rewarded!!

Oh, and I read your bio and we have many similar likes. I love Steven King, love most of the movies you posted, etc. So, you seem to be pretty cool. Now I know why BR411 likes you:) but the FLYERS?????? :)

ncrunner12 said...

Sounds like a great weekend with the fam, and perfect weather and a nice run to go with it. With just over a month till your marathon, looks like you're going to kill it.

Ted said...

I love the beach at this time of the year. No more dealing with touristy people! Love the quiet time of the year.

I am very confident that you will ROCK for the Philly Marathon. You have the right attitude - just finish like what Rocky Balboa did.

Vava said...

Well done on a fantastic run! How about that Canuck hitting a PH Homer for the Phillies!

Jill said...

Totally jealous on several different levels! But mostly of the beach time. Nice runs too!

As for the tired legs, why not take an extra day off and rest them up. Might do you some good and make you want to get out and run again. Maybe two days off in a row. That'll really make you want to get back out there.