Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tuesday nite Run.. in the WIND!

Man was it a blustery run! The winds must have been peaking at 25-30mph here last nite.

Luckily it was kinda a cross wind, so I wasn't running 6+ miles into the wind, nor having it aid my run, by having the wind at my back.

The legs felt pretty good again last nite. I have had a bit of tightness in the left calf the past few weeks, but nothing major.
I feel fortunate that I haven't had any major training issues. I keep tabs on other runners, doing the Philly Marathon, over at the Runner's World discussion board, and it seems like the last few weeks, people have been dropping like flies.
Anyway, here are the stats:
6.49 miles 52:52 (8:09 min/mile avg.)

1 8:17
2 8:21
3 8:17
4 8:11
5 8:08
6 7:53
.49 3:42


Darrell said...

You were booking right along there.

I hope you can avoid getting swatted before race day. Stay diligent.

Marcy said...

Nicely done! Looks like you are READY! ;-)

joyRuN said...

Knock on wood, no injuries before 11/23!

Nice pacing there :)

BeachRunner said...

Wooo. You were breezin' along homie. You are ready.
- Beachy Pete Rose

Vava said...

Nice pacing Dude! In the wind and everything. I hope the calf loosens up for you and lets you train worry-free as you head towards the big race.

Go Phillies Go!

SuperDave said...

That wind was blustry..
Damn your fast!

J~Mom said...

I hate the wind!!

Laurel said...

Look at how speedy you are! And yes, it's starting to get pretty cold out there. I know I am from Florida, but damn.

I'm watching the Phillies right now ;)

Anonymous said...

FReezing here in Beantown, too! did 9 on saturday.. with gloves and 40+ mph gusts neat the ocean. (cape cod)....
NICE WORK, BRU! we'll run along the charles this weekend! lets hope its not like LAST year- BRUtal headwind! Bring your running sweats! we'll throw rotten tomatos at the MIT nd Hahvahd crewmen!

Blyfinn said...

Weird I have had the same little tightness in my left calf also. It has been going on for about a little over a month. It seems to just show up during the first part of a run and then go away. Does yours do the same?

Ted said...

I am never too fond of the wind. Only exception is that if the wind is pushing my back, I am okay with that. Man, you are getting faster and faster!