Thursday, October 23, 2008

Philadelphia Marathon Course run

I had to be in Philly today, for an afternoon meeting, so I planned to run the 2nd 1/2 part of the Marathon course.
I felt pretty good for kinda doing an unscheduled 12.5 mile run. Only had 6miles planned, but since I wasn't sure when I would get this chance again, I decided to do it. The weather was perfect, in the high 50's, slight breeze, and plenty of sun.
I wanted to get a feel for the course, and see what hills there where.
This course is flat, but not pancake flat as I have heard it called.
I ran along the Kelly Drive, to Manayunk and back to the Art Museum. I did purposely skip a little loop, and part of the run on Ridge Rd. There was too much traffic, and it just wasn't worth the risk.
I also took along the camera, so for those of us doing Philly, can see this part of the course.
It was very scenic, as you run along the river, on Kelly Dr. There were a bunch of runners out, the crews were practicing on the river, and the damn cyclists where flying around.
Let me soapbox for a minute. These damn cyclists think they are Lance Armstrong, with their "uniforms" on,weaving in and out of runners & walkers. I mean share the path, there is plenty of room for all of us. They act like they own the place.
OK, now that I vented...
It did seem like it went pretty quick. I started around the 15 mile mark, ran to the turn around point at 20, and headed back.
It was a bit hilly around Manayunk.
Manayunk is a cool little town, with some nice stores & restaurants. Where you enter into Manayunk, it wasn't as developed, which I was kinda surprised. There was a strip mall with an AMC theater, and warehouses. Downtown will be fun during the marathon, but you don't spend much time there.
If I ran the course correctly in Manayunk, it will be a tight turnaround. It looked like you just turn around in the middle of the street. I could be wrong, but that's the way I read it.
There are parts of this loop, where it will just be us runners. Those will be tough miles on Kelly Drive.
Here's a picture of me, running along. I stole the idea from Ted & Shoreturtle!
I was glad I did this today. It gave me a good feeling that I'll be ok, on this part. From the entereance into Manayunk, to the finish, those last 6-7 miles, will be tough, and just a bit hilly, hopefully I'll be the better for running this today.
1:46:32 12.41 miles


1 8:07
2 8:17
3 8:20
4 8:19
5 8:27
6 8:41
7 8:47
8 8:38
9 8:32
10 8:37
11 8:52
12 8:57
.41 3:52

Here is a shot at the fountain at LOVE Park. The colored the water Phillies RED!


Blyfinn said...

That was a great idea. There are a few races in the past in which I wish I would have had the chance to preview the course. Especially the second half of a marathon. That should give you a lot of confidence come race day.

Darrell said...

ditto what blyfinn says.

Progman2000 said...

Good idea, beautiful day for a run too (still hard to believe you don't have an Eagles visor in this Philly team ensemble of yours...)

ShoreTurtle said...

Cool photos.

I'm glad that you got to run part of the course. You're in good shape for the marathon.

The turnaround is in the middle of the street -- packed with cheering spectators. It seemed like the crowd was louder in downtown manayunk than at the finish.

Jill said...

It's always comforting to familiarize yourself with the course if you can. Now you'll know exactly what to expect and where the tough parts are located. I have a feeling you'll do really well.

BeachRunner said...

Nice run. Smart idea running parts of the course and getting comfortable with it ahead of time. You should be feeling relaxed and confident. You are ready homie. Great pics too.

Vava said...

Great pics! I often wonder how people carry around a camera on their runs and take shots. Do you stop to take the shot, or are you snapping while running?

In any case, your splits are awesome for an impromptu (sp???) run of that distance, with camera and all.

And lastly, what the hell was up with that home plate umpire last night!?!?!?!? Two of those runs against the Phils should be charged to him, and he should not be allowed to man the plate in the postseason EVER again. He made a mockery of the game, and more frustrating than anything else there was nothing that the Phils could do about it at the time!

"Strike threeeesssaaaaafeeee...???"

What a loser...

Ted said...

I think there is one part that you are not admitting here. I think you wanted to see the course so that you can strategically stash some of your bottle of Gatorade as your own personal aid station along the way. Sneaky of you !!!

Laurel said...

OMG! You were TOTALLY in my HOOD!

I live right off main in Manayunk!!! You did our Saturday long runs. We start on the tow path in Manayunk, run up Main, loop up Kelly to the Art Museum, and run up the Schuylkill River trail, then turn around and come back on the West River side (MLK). If we need to add a few miles, we run up the tow path towards Valley Forge a few miles. It's a beautiful run, actually, I will be doing it tomorrow morning. Haha.

Great pics! And the fountain is for the Phillies AND Breast Cancer awareness month ;)

Speaking of Phillies, WTF happened last night?

Laurel said...


I TOTALLY hear you on the bikers.

joyRuN said...

Gorgeous pics on a gorgeous day of a gorgeous city. What a great run!!

SuperDave said...

Looks like you had a fun run. I am really liking Philly the more I hear about it! How in the heck did you get that picture of yourself without falling over?