Sunday, October 19, 2008

Indian Summer is GONE !

Hard to believe that just a few days ago, I was running in shorts & a tank top.
Today, I was out the door, around 8:00am, and it was 40deg!
I ran in running sweats, a long sleeve pullover and gloves, for the 1st time since probably early April! Quite a difference, I'd guess about a 30 deg swing in temps from my last run on Wed!
It felt odd to have that much clothing on, but I felt good doing my 8 mile run.

8:01 miles 1:08:09 (8:30min/mile avg.)

One thing I did this week, that I haven't done my entire marathon training, happened Thursday.
I skipped a run.
I had a scheduled 6miler, and just wasn't feelin' it, so I said "F" it.
I did feel guilty afterwards about not running it.
Skipping that run, helped the legs, and I felt pretty darn good with both runs this past weekend.
Saturday I ran 4.55miles in 38:49mins.

Nice easy week on tap, and I have a few things upcoming that I'll bring to the blog later in the week..


BeachRunner said...

Dang it got cold! I am learning that once you get over the guilt, skipping a scheduled run for a day if you aint feeling it, can be the smartest thing to do.

Ted said...

I agree with BR. I am going neurotic right now.. Haven't run for 3 days now since I've been coming down with stomach virus.

Looks like its Tampa Bay vs. Philadelphia for World Series. I am putting $1,000 on Philadelphia to win Game 5.

Darrell said...

I came over to eastern PA just in time for the cool down. I've been too big a sissy to get out there in the sub 40's to run.

Progman2000 said...

Yeah, skipping one when you're not feeling it is brutal mentally but good in the long run - smart move.

I did 5 miles this morning at 5:30am in shorts and a long sleeve shirt. Got home and the PC said it was 35 degrees out - yikes, thought it felt chilly, good motivation to move fast though.

ncrunner12 said...

it is getting colder out but damn if it doesn't feel good. And there's nothing wrong with skipping a scheduled run if it's going to make the legs feel better.

Good luck to your Phighting Phills, thought it looks like the Rays are destoned for something.

Laurel said...

I ran on Thurs and couldn't believe how hot is was. Then I ran on Saturday and wore GLOVES the entire time! What a difference! And a HUGE change from my training in Miami last year.

Don't feel bad about skipping the run. You're listening ti your body, which is always a good thing.

Vava said...

Nice discipline on choosing to skip a run and taking it in stride. I HATE the guilt that comes with missing a workout, but I'm a fine one to talk as I bounce from one injury to another. And I'm not even training for a marathon!

Laurel said...

Funny, I prefer Genos to Pats. But I NEED to find a good locals Cheesesteak place. You know of any in Philly?

Jill said...

I knew you'd feel better if you took an extra rest day. Good for you! It makes the next run so much better, doesn't it?

akshaye said...

Skipping one wont hurt and like you say it may have helped! Cant wait to the watch the Phillies in the WS