Sunday, October 26, 2008

Running in Boston, or is it BASS-TON ?!

I went for a wicked hard run, with my sister in law, Saturday morning in Beantown.
Well, maybe not that wicked, or hard, just fun!
Here, in the distance, you can see the World famous CITGO sign at Fenway Park.
It was a nice morning to go for a run. We ran down Newton St, and weaved our way along to the Harvard Bridge. We ran along the Charles River, on Memorial Drive. There were a few runners out, and a cyclist or 2. As we ran towards Boston Commons area, and I made sure we avoided the hills around Beacon St. The Boston Commons area is a really cool park, in the heart of Boston. We ran thru part of it, and headed out, down Commonwealth Ave.
She was afraid she would be too slow to run with me, but it wasn't about running fast, it was all about spending time with her, and seeing how far she has come in a short period.
We ran just a bit under 5 miles, 4.93 to be exact, in 46:52
It was really cool to run with my sister in law. She has got a touch of the running bug. I think I might have something to do with that!
She has been doing awesome, and is building a nice base of running, so she can run the 10miler part of the Ocean Drive Marathon with me next March. Her other goal, is to hop in and help pace me the last few miles of the Philly Marathon. I think it's really cool & supportive of her and her husband, to come down, and be part of my 1st marathon next month.
She did great, and I was really proud of her. We talked during the run, so I know it was tough on her. Our splits where very consistent, you can see the one time we had trouble with traffic.
Mile / Time
1 9:31
2 9:35
3 9:58
4 9:25
.93 8:20


Blyfinn said...

I wish I had family that would join me for a run. All I have is my dad and he is hours away and I don't really get to see him much. Sounds like your sister in law has come along fast. Congrats to her.

Darrell said...

Sounds like a great run on all accounts.

ncrunner12 said...

What a wicked aweseome time. I've heard several people say what a great town Basston is for running. It's also wicked great that you've got family coming in to see you for your first marathon, my folks came for my first half and it was so sweet to see them as I was crossing the finish line. Enjoy it

ShoreTurtle said...

Boston sounds like a great place to run.

Good luck this weekend on your long run.

Vava said...

What a great opportunity, and a nice run in the City of the Vanquished (ie. Red Sox...). Way to inspire too!

Ted said...

Sounds like you had a nice time in Bahstun with your sister in law. The run you had sounds fun. Next time, try to wear a Yankees shirt while running in Boston.

Laurel said...

LOL! Sounds like you had a wicked time in Beantown. You're quite the traveling runner lately!

BeachRunner said...

Wicked cool homie. The Beachrunner clan is heading up to Beantown for Thanksgiving at my sis-in-law's (for wife's side of the family turkey celebration).

Anonymous said...

Bill- AWESOME TIME!! .. on all accounts!
you are ABSOLUTELY inspiring me! i hope you want to do philly again next year so i can join in! i even felt better today doing some splits (no, not my shins yet!) ! THANKS for being my 'pace car'! it felt great! yeah! great company does make a great, fun run! WICKKED PISSAH times!
ps- thanks for the support blyfinn!

joyRuN said...

Ah - I LOVE running through Boston. The history around there is amazing, & to get to run through it is awe-inspiring.

PS - I've heard that Ocean Drive Marathon is TOUGH (desolate course, winds, etc.). I think I'll stick with the 10 miles :)