Monday, June 30, 2008

The Fabulous Feat 5k & more!

I did the Fabulous Feat 5k this past Sunday, and I added miles on before and after.
I want Sunday's to be my long run day, so I decided to run to the race, and run home. I had really had no idea how my legs would feel during the race, so I had no time in mind.
The route I took to Veteran's Park, was 3.7 miles. I ran that in 34:21, (9.18mile), trying not to overdo it, but using it as a "warm up".
The race itself, for an inaugural race, had a very good turnout, 133 runners. Before I got to the starting line, I made sure I had my laces DOUBLE KNOTTED (see Run For Dad)!!
Surprisingly, I ran the 1st mile in 7:30, and 2nd in 15:30. The 3rd mile had a long uphill, as you entered the woods, around the 2.5 mile mark. I always struggle with hills, and tried to attack it as best I could. I finished in 24:19 (7:50mile), which I was pleased with.
With your goodie bag, at the registration, they gave us a number for raffle afterwards at the awards ceremony. I was lucky enough to have my number called, and picked a Dairy Queen gift card($10.00), not for myself of course, but to give to my boys. What kid doesn't love DQ !

I made sure to try and take in a lot fluids after the run. I felt good for the most part running back home, but running with a plastic Commerce Bank full of goodies, and being a bit worn out, made it an adventure. The last 1/2 mile or so, I felt a bit of cramping in my left thigh, but I lasted, and made it in 35:54 (9:43 mile).
Overall, I ran 10.5 miles, on a humid day.
I tried a few of my free samples during and after my runs.
I had the Hammer gel Raspberry, about 1/2 hour after my first run, and when I got home, I had the Hammer Nutrition Strawberry Recoverite. I feel they both did what they where intended to do, and I woke up today, with no soreness!

Friday, June 27, 2008


Well TGIF !

Last nite, I headed down to our place in Wildwood, with my oldest son. A little male bonding over tram car rides, Mack's Pizza & go carts.

I had renters in until Thursday morning, and new ones coming in Saturday, so I with the weather being perfect, I took Friday off, and here I am, at the voted #1 beach in NJ ! (take that Ocean City & LBI !!)

We got up this morning, had breakfast, and headed to the boardwalk. My son rode his bike, and I ran along side of him. Now that's what I call a "FUN RUN". It was really cool. He really does awesome on his 2 wheeler, weaving in and out of surreys, bikes, walkers, strollers, scooters, and anything else with wheels or feet. And sometimes, boy he can push the pace. We rode/ran down to Poplar Ave., and watched our buddy Gig (mgr. of Sightseer trams), get the world famous tram cars out onto the boards.

Well, time to hit the beach..

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday afternoon in the Park

Well, I went to Veteran's Park, to do a quick run. I am still really sore from playing Hockey on Sunday. I decided to run and try and work the soreness out with a 3-4 mile run.

The park was buzzing with kids at the playground area. I saw one of my oldest son's friends. He was there with his mother, and 2 younger brothers. They just recently moved to Robbinsville.

I ended up running 3.5 miles in 28:10. It was a slow painful start, but as the run went along, I felt a lot better.
I need to run on Thursday, but have plans that nite. I either need to run before work, or get out and go mid afternoon, but the heat might be here by then.

On a side note.. Since I have been planning my marathon, I have hit up a few of the supplement companies for samples, with much luck! Clif sent me some clif shots, recovery drink, and bars/ Cytomax sent some recovery mix, also, and Hammer, I had to purchase a product, and they added a bunch of freebies to the order, along with some training books.
I will post my experiences with these products, when I try them.

I tried the Clif Shot Recovery drink. It was french vanilla flavored, and it seemed to help the legs afterwards. It tasted a bit chalky, but overall, not bad.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Street Hockey Sunday!

Sunday's I usually do my long run. Well I didn't this past Sunday.
Instead, with the wife & boys in Wildwood, I decided to play some pick-up hockey. A bunch of the guys I used to play with, have pick-up games Sunday morning's at Veteran's Park. This past Sunday I played for the 1st time since last September.

What a great time. I do miss playing, but it was cool to be out there. My oldest son, has the hockey bug, like myself. He just finished his 1st season playing in our local PAL league. It's really something special to watch him play. While I wasn't the most skilled player, I made up for that with "heart". He has some of the same traits.. it's scary!

Having not played in some 10 months, there was a bit of rust at first. But my running really helped, when it's 5 on 5, with no subs, I had the lungs more than some of the regulars. The legs... well that's a different story. I learned that I need to add some speed work in my running schedule. I felt good after playing for nearly 2 hours, but today (Monday), I am just a little sore in the legs.

Here's a link to the league's website :

On a running note, there was a local 5k going on at the same time. If I would have had my running stuff, I'd have done the run 1st, than played. I got a flyer for a 5k run for next Sunday.
I will look at running to the park, doing the 5k, and running home. It's about 3.7 miles to the park. I might need the wife & boys to come pick me up afterwards... maybe even have them bring my hockey stuff!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

10 -2 We Win !!

With no wife & boys around, I get to sleep as late as I want! Nice.. maybe I'll get up around 10, or better yet noon. Yea.. I'll sleep to noon.

7:30am and I'm up!!

So, I guess it's run time. I decided to add to the loop that I did on Thursday. I hit the road at 8:00am, get to the corner of the road that leads into our neighborhood, when I run into our neighbor from across the street, who just bought the local paper, a friend of my son's, his father & their dog, and what would a meeting at the corner be, with my father in law, pulling up in his van! Doesn't anyone sleep late on the weekends? So after I said my "hello's", I continued on my run.

When I do my Sunday runs, I hardly ever see any other runners or bikers out and about.

That sure wasn't the case today. I saw or passed 10 runners & only 2 people biking. YES ! We win! Break out the champagne. I could just hear the late great Harry Caray " Runners Win... Runners Win..Holy Cow, the runners have beat the cyclists 10 - 2!"

I guess you could even say the "yard sales" beat the bikers, I passed 4 of them.

Sure is a different world out there on a Saturday morning, compared to Sunday.

Well, I ran 5.76 miles, in 51:28. I am not a morning runner, that's for sure. While it was great to get out the door early and run, I just don't seem to have the energy that I do later in the day, when I usually run. I have a few months to become one, since the Philadelphia Marathon starts at 7:00am.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Home Alone !!??

Well, today, my wife took the boys, her aunt & mother, and headed down to Wildwood, and left me HOME ALONE, with our 2 dogs (beagles).
So I have the place to myself.
Peace & quiet... yup... all I hear is the hum from the fridge..
So, you get home from work, what to do??
Have an ice cold beer, put on the Ipod, and relax on the deck?
Maybe crank up some Bob Seeger & the Silver Bullet Band, and slide across the floor to "Old Time Rock and Roll" in your tighty whitey's?
Nope, not me... you grab your running clothes, you new Asics Gel Kayano 14's you got for Father's Day, and hit the road. I did 4.9 miles in 37:49, and felt really good. Tonite was perfect running weather, mid 70's, no humidity,slight breeze, just a great June nite.

The new shoes hurt a bit the 1st time out Monday, but felt a lot better today. I have really bad feet, and the Kayano's have been awesome. I overpronate terribly, and these shoes really seem to stabilize them.

Well, guess it's time to have that cold beer & relax on the deck.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Run For Dad 5k

This past Sunday, while most father's where having breakfast in bed, I started a different family tradition a few years back, getting up and doing the Run for Dad, in Mercer County Park.

I had a goal of finishing under 24 minutes. I did a 5k earlier this year, and finished it at 24:05.

Well, all was good at the 1st mile, 7:30, when I noticed my right shoe was becoming untied. At the 2 mile mark, I was 15:04, right on pace to hit my goal. Well.. the shoe was getting worse. By now it was completely untied, and I did not want to stop an tie it. The last 2/10's where horrible. It was like trying to drive a car at 65mph, with a flat! I finished at 24:10.

I still don't know why I didn't double knot my right shoe. I doubled the left. Maybe I should have stopped and tied it. I just hate to stop during a run.

On a better note, both my boys had a great time doing their runs!

On a nice open field, next to the 2 mile mark, they set the kids up to run, starting at 2yrs old, right on up to 10+. The younger you are, you start closer to the finish, and they move you back accordingly. All kids get a Run for Dad tee, bib number, & a prize ribbon. They have face painting, arts & crafts, and a clown making balloon animals for the kids! Oh and what would any event where kids are present in the summer be without the Ice Cream man showing up!


OK, here goes, my 1st post.

I started running in High School, back when the Phillies where World Champions (28 years ago!). I got away from it thru my 20's & early 30's. I played a bunch of different sports (street hockey in many different leagues, ultimate Frisbee, co-ed volleyball). After the birth of our 1st son, I needed something to burn off stress, besides drinking. Something that I could do without being gone for hours. Something that I wouldn't come home battered & bruised. Something to keep the weight in check. So.. what could I do? Well, I found an old friend, collecting dust in my closet.. my running shoes.
I went for the occasional run, did the occasional local 5k, with some friends, and life was good. That was until I happened upon a marathon running in Wildwood 3 years ago. Well that race, the Ocean Drive Marathon, had an accompanying run, a 10-miler. That sounded good to me, why not take the next step. So 2 years ago I ran the OC Drive 10 miler. From Cape May - Wildwood, NJ. It was a learning experience, running 10 miles the majority of the time into a brutal 20-25mph headwind. That run made me long for new challenges.

I found a du-athalon, again in Wildwood, The Do-Wop DU. It was a 2 mile run / 11 mile bike / 2 mile run. It started & finished on the boardwalk. Again, what a great experience. I have a new respect for bikers. While I did train for this, I really took for granted the biking part. Getting off the bike, and having to run, ouch! That was really hard on the legs.

This past year, I ran the OC Drive 10 miler, bettered my time from the year before, with worse conditions than the previous year. The northeast winds off the ocean, 25+mph, in your face for 10 miles is rough! I couldn't imagine doing that marathon.

It was after seeing the dedication in the marathoners that day, that I decided to look into competing in one myself. I talked it over with my wife, and decided on the Philadelphia Marathon this fall. I needed her blessing on this because I need her to push me out the door to do the necessary training. I half ass a lot in life, and really want this experience to be all it can be.

So that takes me to today, starting this "blog". I've read a bunch of good blogs about running, and so here is mine. Runners set... GO !