Monday, September 28, 2009

Running early Mornings, Nights, in Dallas & in MUD!

I know, every time I start out, I say the same thing.. been busy... blah, blah, blah. Well, it is the truth. I have kept up with my training, even if it means getting up at 5:00am, and running before I go to work.

I missed the Philadelphia Distance Run, because my job had me in Dallas, for a conference. I did pack my running gear, and I was able to do an early Saturday morning 5.6 mile run there. Where the conference was, it was close to Dealy Plaza, so I made sure the route I planned had me running there.

It was pretty cool to see it for the part it played in the history of our country.

Back home, I have run the usual routes, but since I had missed the PDR, I decided to run part of the 2nd half of the Philly Marathon route. I did see that they have started to advertise for the Marathon, on their tour buses!

All this leads me to the run I had the most fun doing this year so far! I did the McGuireAFB 10k Mud Run. Picture part running, part basic training/survivor obstacle course. There were about 20 of us from the trail group, that made the trek to McGuire, and did the race.

There were some hard parts to this event. It started with about a 3/4 mile run, when at about the 1/2mile mark, a ladder fire truck hosed you down. If that didn't soak you, going into the mud pit obstacle around the bend got ya! At one point I was waist deep in a creek, for a few hundred yards, and when you got out, the legs were so cold, it was tough to get them warmed up and going again. What they called "hurdles", where more like a steeplechase. It was a crazy 1/4 mile of hopping barricades every 100 yards. It was insane but fun. A lot of groups dressed up for this race, guy dressed as Elvis, one dressed as a chicken, just craziness! This race was a nice distraction in the middle of my marathon training. Last year it was in Nov, and I am glad they moved it up a few months. A few of the trail group that did it last year, said the improvements to the course this year, made it more difficult, but it was a lot warmer. I couldn't imagine wading waist deep in water, in Nov !

Here are a few pics of the fun!

The last shot is a few of us after we attempted to clean off the mud from the race.

If you live close to McGuire AFB, keep an eye out for this event next year... it's a must run! Be prepared to get wet and dirty... there's no way you don't stay clean and dry!

I have a nice recovery week on tap, and a 20 miler next Sunday. Hard to believe September is coming to a close, and Philly is only 54 days away! I need to start thinking about the Asbury Park Marathon, that I am running on Oct. 18th. I know it's just for training only, but it's still a marathon!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Another week is in the books!

Another week is in the books! Time is flying by 'round these parts.
This past week was a nice recovery week, and it came at a great time. As much as everyone likes to ramp up the mileage, we need to give ourselves time to heal from the pounding of the pavement.

I had only 2 x 5 milers this past week, on Tuesday and Thursday. I got up early to do the runs, since we are swamped with activities at nite.

Tuesday and Thursday where just about identical. I did Tuesday in 42:35, and Thursday in 42:21. While Thursday was a bit faster, it was more of struggle. Funny how that happens.

Saturday, I got out with the trail runs group, and we met again at Mercer County Park. No bushwacking this week, as we got our run in, in between rain drops. It was a nice 7 miler, and we had another newcomer. We have had a new runner join us the last 2 weeks. That's good stuff!

Sunday was back to the long runs! I had a 20 miler on tap, and enlisted a running bud to join me in the fun. ProgMan was up for the fun. He met me and was in for 12 of my 20 miles.

We met at Mercer County Park, and did the same loop that I did with Shoreturtle 2 weeks ago. Funny.. I only had to do 18 that day, Turtle had 20, and I did all 20 with him. I asked him if he wanted to meet us,and he had a 5k to go PR in!

When Prog & I started out, we were killing it the 1st 7 miles!

Look at these splits:

1. 9:18

2. 9:14

3. 9:03

4. 9:04

5. 9:03

6. 9:14

7. 9:12

We were on a heck of a roll, and the miles flew by. We slowed down a bit the rest of the way, but still very nice splits. We did hit our cars at mile 10, to change shirts and grab some fluids.

8. 9:20

9. 9:25

10. 9:14

11. 9:32

12. 9:06

A little past mile 12, Progman turned around and headed back. It was great of him to come out and run with me. It really helps on the long runs, to have a partner in crime.

When he left, it was tough to push thru the last 8 miles. I made a couple of mistakes. First, I didn't bring any salt with me, but luckily Progman had some salt pills. My second mistake was not running the 1st 10 mile loop with water. I know better than that. It was more humid out that I had realized. My other mistake was that I should have grabbed my Ipod before we started on the 2nd leg.

The legs were dying on the last 3 miles, similar to the previous 20 miler. I know there is some work to be done, to feel stronger the last miles of these training runs, and hopefully it'll come.

13. 9:13

14. 9:31

15. 9:47

16. 9:31

17. 9:48

18. 10:02

19. 10:03

20. 9:40

Thursday, September 10, 2009


A check of the Philadelphia marathon website showed that the Full marathon is SOLD OUT !
Amazing.. I don't think it sold out last year until sometime in October!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Only 75 days until Philly !

Hard to believe that the Philly Marathon is only 75 days away. I am 1/3 of the way thru my 18 week training program! Time is flying by. Their website has only 500 spots left for the marathon, it seems to be filling up quite nicely.

The past week, I felt really good after the 20miler on Sunday. I have added salt to the beginning and middle of my long runs, and it seems to have helped with how the hammys have felt. I also added, along with my HammerRecoverite ,a protein bar after my long runs.

Tuesday, I went out for a nice tempo run. I had 1 hour to get in my 6 miler, since I was running while my oldest son was in his karate class. My goal was 8 minute miles, but wasn't sure if I had it in me after the 20 miler. I ended up right on! I did the 6 miles in 47:38, a 7:55 avg.

I did have a turtle sighting! Shoreturtle and his wife passed me, on their way to Princeton. They caught me committing the #1 rule of running on the streets. I was running with the traffic, instead of against it.

I had 8 on the schedule for Wednesday, but a combination of my car in the shop, 2 boys having karate, I didn't have the time to run. And yes, I have been beating myself up over it. I know missing a day in early Sept. won't have an effect in the big picture of training, but it's not something I want to become a habit.

I made it a point of getting up early and getting my 6 miles in on Thursday. I did the 6.12 miles in 51:41, for an 8:26 avg. It was nice, on this run to have my fastest mile as my last, at 8:09.

Saturday, I was out with the TrailRuns group. We did the entire loop around Mercer County Lake, which included some bushwhacking! Luckily, no ticks this time! The loop was 7.23 miles long, and the last 1/2 mile or so, Nate kicked it up a few notches, when we got on a nice clear trail.

Sunday, I slept in a bit, since I had to do 6, nice to have a recovery week! I made this a 2 part run. I felt really good, so I went out for the 6 at a marathon pace. I did the 6 in 50:20, 8:22 pace. I did mile 6 as my fastest at 8:07. From the 6 mile point, I reset my Garmin, and did another 4 miles in my training pace. I know I only had to run 6, but I felt good, and missing the 8 on Wed, it had me wanting to make up some of those miles. I ran the 4 miles in 35:17, a 8:48 avg.

I have (2)5 milers to run Tuesday & Thursday, and plan to do just them. I have felt a bit of discomfort in the right ankle recently, so this is a good time to let it rest a bit.

Enjoy the week, it'll be another hectic week around these parts, with the boys back in school, karate lessons, soccer practice, and fall ball starting!