Sunday, September 28, 2008

Running in the Rain on a Sunday Morning

Boy am I glad we had the bad weather today, and not last Sunday, for the PDR. It would have sucked to run that 1/2 marathon in sticky, rainy/misty, humid weather.

I got out of the house around 8:30am, and had to run a 7 miler. It wasn't really raining at the time, just that kinda misty crap.
Today's goal was to just run a nice comfortable pace. Try and stay around the 9min/mile pace.
I ran a different course to Mercer County Park, just to break things up a bit.
By the time I hit the park, at about the 2+ mile mark, the mist turned into rain, and lasted for about 15 mins or so. It stopped for a bit, and picked up big time, for my last 2 miles.

There where a few runners out and about, and I have one complaint/question!

I got stuck in the back draft of some 20something guy, who had bad nightclub cologne on,and later on, an older guy, say in his early 50's with your father's bad cologne on. It sucks to get a nose full of that crap, all that before 9:00am, and in the rain to boot!

This is going to be an easy week, until next Sunday.
Here is my schedule:
Today 7
Mon. off
Tues. 5
Wed. off
Thur. 6
Fri. off
Sat. 4

1:04:19 9:10min/mile avg.
1 8:53
2 9:08
3 9:24
4 9:34
5 9:13
6 9:09
7 8:51
.01 :03

I also should mention, that Saturday, I did nice easy 4.15 mile run in 38:21 a 9:14 min/mile pace.
And lastly, my condolences go out to BEACHRUNNER411..


joyRuN said...

I'm not sure what's worse - cologne or the inherent STANK that some people exude. Man oh man - I couldn't run fast enough to get ahead of this dude on the boardwalk today - combo stale/sweat/old man smell.

Nice pic at the end - I knew you're a true Philadelphia sports fan ;)

Darrell said...

Trying to camoflage the natural odor usually backfires. I do know that if I can smell myself then I really, really am stinky. Oh well, nothing a good shower won't take care of.

Vava said...

Nice! Both on the running front and jab at Beachrunner! I wouldn't have minded the Mets getting in since Carlos Delgado needs to be showcased in the playoffs at least once, but I've been Brewer fan for many years, long enough to celebrate their first appearance in 26 years in the post season. Who do you think will represent the NL in the WS? The Cubs look the strongest, but have a nasty history; the Phillies are my pick; the Brewers will have a down after their high; and the Dodgers are the unknown with Torre and his experience, and now Manny.

BeachRunner said...

I knew this was coming and I will take it like a man. I can't even summon the strength to reply.

Ted said...

ROFLMAO !!! Universal sign of choking. LOLLLL !!! What a hoot !!! BR - Ahem, I am glad you are taking it like a man.
Nice pacing !!! Keep up the good work.

I agree with you about the cologne/perfume stuff. I don't even understand why some female runners have to put makeup before they start running. WTF !

Anonymous said...

I def. need some cologne before running b/c i am BRU!

FLYERS26 said...

I think the Phils have a great chance, if Myers & Hamels pitch like they are capable of.
Brew crew are just happy to be there, like the Phils last year.
Dodgers vs Cubs should be a good series, and if Zambrano pitches like he was before the no hitter, they should win in 4.

Phil vs Cubs for the pennant... who could ask for more.
Both are storied losing franchises, with the pressure being on the Cubs to win.
The weight of 100yrs would be on their shoulders.

Oh and BR, class act, showing up here today! One thing, with so much on the line, why didn't the METS have that cermony before the game, to juice up the players & fans? It seemed more like a wake.
Well, SHEA goodbye til next year Met fans!

Laurel said...

Thats stinks about the cologne, haha..literally.

Frayed Laces said...

Oh I HATE people who wear cologne. Talk about a vomit fest.