Wednesday, September 17, 2008

5 in the Park

I got out Tuesday nite, for a 5 mile run in Veteran's Park, not knowing how I was going to feel after that BRUTAL 20 miler on Sunday.
Boy what a difference in the weather! It was pleasant, in the low to mid 70's with a slight breeze, and NO HUMIDITY!
The legs where a bit sore in the thighs at the start, but I felt really good.
I did see a funny sight as I was running.
There was a cross country meet in the park, and I guess the runners where out for the warm-up, getting familiar with the course. Well, I came towards a black gal, running downhill on a path. (same one the cop car forced me off back around the 4th of July).
She had something in her outstretched left arm. I couldn't exactly tell what it was at first. I thought made she had some type of feathers, or headdress, who knows what. Well, when I passed her, I realized what it was. It was her weave! It must have come undone, as she ran, and she was fixing it!
It cracked me up, to see that sight.
5.01 miles 41:29
1 8:22
2 8:25
3 8:41
4 8:15
5.01 7:47


BeachRunner said...

Nice run. I guess she ran her head off. LOL.

joyRuN said...

Touche, BR!

Personally, I tuck my weave into my hydration belt - keeps it from moving around.

Ted said...

What a difference with those temperature!!! You did GREAT. I am very eager to hear your post race report this weekend.

Erin Leigh said...

Damn, I think it is bad enough that I have to worry about iPod, etc. Forget about having to think about your hair falling off.

Glad you felt good and I agree, the weather is GREAT right now!!

Girl on Top said...

That must have been uncomfortable running with the weave.

Anonymous said...

that is GASSSSSSS!!!! nice weave! must have been a cheap one! HAH!