Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mid Week Runs

After a fun vacation, and a 18 mile run on Sunday, it's the 6-8-6 mile week.
It's a tough week of mileage, but I got thru it in good shape.

Tuesday, I did a 6.08 mile out and back run around 6:00pm. It's back to the heat & humidity here.
I was glad that I had no "dead legs" after running the 18miler on Sunday. The legs & lungs felt strong, and I averaged 8:32 min/mile.
My route took me past the house that had the dog run out into the street after me a few weeks ago, but it was nowhere in sight.
6.08 miles 51:56 mins.

Wednesday was my oldest 1st day of school, and he had soccer practice at nite, so I decided to do my 8 mile run in the morning. With the busy day ahead, and the August heat in September, I thought it would be best to run in the morning. A few months ago it would have been unheard of. I wasn't a morning runner, but since starting the marathon training, I have become one.
My route took me from home to Mercer County Park, thru parts of the woods, and back home.
I didn't bring my camera, but I should have. See, I passed an older lady walking her bike, on the main road. It wasn't long after that, that she passed me back, and kept on going. It was too funny to be passed by an old blue hair lady, on a granny bike.
I need to find a small camera to carry with me on the road. My camera is a Canon SD1100, it's small, but I don't have the pockets to carry it.
Anyway, here are the 8 mile stats: 8:06 miles 1:13:16 9:05min/mile
oh fyi.. the boy did great in his 1st day of 1st grade, and at his soccer practice.

Well, that brings us to Thursday. It was my typical busy day of travel at work, so it was another evening run.
I got out of the house again, around 6ish, and put the mileage in. It was a tough nite to run, with the heat & humidity back. I didn't pass any other runners or bikers out on the road tonite or Tuesday, which I found a little odd.
Honestly, I wasn't into the run, it was one of those runs that I just put the mileage in.
6.11 miles 55:16 9:03 min/mile

Well, there you have it short & sweet, a quick summary of my mid week runs.
5 miles are on tap for Saturday.. hopefully I can avoid the rain that's headed our way. Thanks Hannah!


Marcy said...

One of the perks of winter/fall running is wearing a jacket so you can carry your camera. I actually bought a detachable pocket for my Fuel Belt so I can take pics on the run, but I always forget :P

Sweet job with the mileage!

BeachRunner said...

I am the worst with that stuff. Note to self: Remember the camera and use it.

Nice runs.

Progman2000 said...

Running in the morning rocks - I did the opposite this week, I ran a short recovery run at 5:00pm, which is unheard of for me, and it sucked. I need to be out there at 5:00am when my battery is fully charged. Enjoy your recovery week, I have 18 on tap Sunday in post hurricane winds (as you say, "thanks Hannah").

Ted said...

I am and will always be a morning runner. I just don't have the energy to run in the evening.

You are doing fabulous with your on-going training plan. It will be two months till we hit Philly. We have to figure out a way to spot each other at the Philadelphia marathon. Maybe I should wear a safety helmet with red flashing light on!

Anonymous said...

Another morning runner here - can't say enough good things about it :-) Though the highlights are having it done before the hectic days start and things come up that can foil the evening run idea and drain the energy. Plus, its such a good feeling knowing at 6 or 7am the run is done and accomplished before many are out of bed, lol.

I read your past few posts, and just wanted to say, your training is going so well! I like the pics you added too - I'm too uncoordinated to do that, lol. Good workouts, and nice consistency with the speed on both your 6ish milers

FLYERS26 said...

Yea, we'll have to figure something out.
I bet if you wore a TO Cowboy's jersey, you'd be easy to spot! Those damn Eagle fans would have a field day.