Thursday, September 11, 2008

5 in the Park.... Part Deux

Being the creature of habit, that I am, I did the same run as Tuesday. What can I say, I find something that works, and I stick with it.
One thing that did happen on my run today, really pissed me off. Right before I head into the wooded area of Veteran's Park, I ran up on a walker. The lady, I'll guess was in her mid to late 50's. Someone who should know right from wrong, ya think? Well, as I came up on her, she took a tissue and just threw it on the ground! Right in front of me! I wanted to say something to this lady, but I think I was in shock, as to how she could just litter like that. I mean, when I run, if I have a gel, I keep it until I find a garbage can. Some people....
Anyway, my run was good. I didn't want to see how fast I could push it today, I just found a comfortable pace, and ran.
One thing I don't understand, after reviewing my miles, was how they could all be about the same pace, but the 2nd was much slower?
It was a good run, and as I edge closer to the 20 miler this Sunday, I'm starting to get that nervous/excited feeling.... guess that means a sleepless nite this Saturday.

5.01 miles 41:39 (8:19min/mile avg.)

1 8:01
2 9:06
3 8:14
4 8:26
5.01 7:48


SuperDave said...

Nice blog, I am an addicted runner like yourself, just not as fast!
Good luck on your marathon. One of these days next year, I'll get to 20 - I hope.
Good running..

ShoreTurtle said...

Have you decided where you're going to run on Sunday? If you want company, I can meet you for some miles.

Progman2000 said...

You should have said something to that b*tch, that pisses me off. Good luck on Sunday.

Ted said...

Ahhh man... tell that bitch that she is not helping with the environment. I would certainly take the tissue and shove it up her a**. However, I wouldn't do it. I would pick it up and throw in the garbage to make her feel small.

Good Luck with your 20 miler!

BeachRunner said...

ROFL at Ted's comment. Nice speedy run. You will to great on Sunday.

Erin Leigh said...

I am so not good when I see people litter. I have been known to make some pretty awful comments to them. Especially if it is on my beach!!!!

Funny that it seems we all feel like that. Not only running in common.

20 Miles!! That is exciting!!