Sunday, September 7, 2008

Running with the Turtle

Last nite, thru email, I set up to run with ShoreTurtle (Charlie).
We planned to meet at 8:00am, at Mercer County Park.
It was a nice morning to run. The humidity left with Hanna, and it was very comfortable. A big change from yesterday's soup run.
There some action in the park. A few runners & cyclists, some walkers, and a SIDS benefit walk, that was just getting set up, as we were running.
It was nice to run with someone. Charlie ran the Philadelphia Marathon, and was giving me some nice tips, things he learned when he ran it back in 2006. One thing I need to do, is get out and run park of the last leg of the marathon, so I know when I hit the 20 mile mark, I'll know what to expect for those last long 6.2 miles.
We had a nice comfortable pace. Pace was the key piece of knowledge I picked up today. Charlie pretty much said Pace is the key to the marathon. Trying to find that pace you are comfortable at, and maintaining it for all 26.2 is key. Don't go out fast, it'll get you in the end! Even taking it a bit easy for the first 1/2, will help you in the end.
It was a good run, the 1st time I have ran with anyone, since the last 5k race I did in early July.
If you get the chance, check out his blog. He does a great job with it.
Thanks Turtle!
I appreciate you running with me, I'm sure it's a bit slower pace than you run.

6.67 mile 58:42 (8:47 min/mile)

1 9:06 min/mi
2 8:31 min/mi
3 8:47 min/mi
4 8:42 min/mi
5 8:49 min/mi
6 8:40 min/mi
.67 mi 6:05 min.


Progman2000 said...

I am totally jealous - I want to get in on a Mercer Park training run with you dudes.

BeachRunner said...

Sweet run in an awesome location.

Erin Leigh said...

Very cool that you ran together. And bonus on the great advice!!

akshaye said...

Nice.. and you guys nailed the pace on that run. Very consistent miles.