Tuesday, September 9, 2008

5 in the Park

This being a recovery week, I only have 2 weekday runs, today, Tuesday & Thursday.

Not being one to "take it easy", I decided to run the Hamilton Hangover course, and see how what time I could lay down.

I wanted to get the run in before more rain came. It poured here, late in the morning, with good ole Thunder & Lighting included in the show.

I have run this course numerous times this year, so I pretty much know ever nook & cranny of the course. What I was surprised to see on the run today, was about 8-10 wild turkeys, headed into the woods. When I was in the woods, I came face to face with a big doe, and a little chipmunk scurried in front of me at one point also. The deer was amazing, I never saw deer in Veteran's Park before, it must be use to people, since I ran up on it, and was close enough to touch it, before it took off for the woods.

I know.. I need to carry a camera to get photographic proof of my sightings.

Again, my goal for the run, was to see how much time I could shave off of the Hamilton Hangover 5 miler time I ran in Jan. Including the actual race, I have run this course 5 times this year, with a best time of 42:25 (8.29 avg), which I did back on Jan 1st.

I felt really good, with only the short run on Sunday. The legs felt pretty fresh.

I will say, that the longer I have gone into this training, the better I have felt. Other than the fall, and a few blisters, after weeks of actual marathon training,
I'm in good shape health wise. I probably weight what I did back in my late 20's. I lean 169 lbs. When I started planning for this, back in June, I was around 180lbs, + or - a pound. Running is a good way to keep the pounds off.

Well, back to my run... When checking my history of this particular run, the best WAS 42:25.

Nine months later.. a new best!

5.01 miles 39:14 (7.50 min/mi avg.)

I sure can tell how far I have come in my running. After doing the long runs I have, and the weekday runs of an 6-8 milers, this 5 mile run seemed like it was a run around the block.

Back in January, a 5 mile run, would seem like an eternity!

Well, I will enjoy my rare Wednesday off.

1 7:45 min/mi
2 7:58 min/mi
3 7:51 min/mi
4 7:48 min/mi
5.01 7:49 min/mi


Progman2000 said...

Congrats on the success of your training. Consider this - with the way your long runs have been increasing, mentally the PDR will be a welcome step back! When a HM seems like a break in mileage, you know you are putting in the distance.

Regarding the wildlife, on at least three occasions last year during winter training at 5:00am I had skunks jump out in front of me on the trail (one even ran with me for about 100 meters). I know they must be in Mercer Park - beware the early morning runs!

Marcy said...

Wow! Awesome job on the 5 miler! Very nice!

Ted said...

Sweeeet !!! Outstanding !!! You did GREAT on the 5 miler. I say that you should rock for Philly marathon in a couple months.

Erin Leigh said...

I think that feeling must be the best. Realizing what used to be so hard is now easy. Congrats on improving your time too!