Tuesday, September 23, 2008

In need of something to motivate me to run tonite!

After coming off the "runner's high", that was the Philadelphia Distance Run, I needed something to motivate me to run my scheduled 6 miles. I mean having just run with 15,000 runners, cheering crowds, live bands, Cowbells, you could see how I would have trouble getting up to go out for a 6 miler.
Well, I thought of just the thing to get me going... ANOTHER RACE !
While this one won't have crowds & cowbells, it will have bragging rights.
A race of Epic proportions.. the return of the RUN TO SWIM!
Yes, we re-up'd the boys for swim lessons that run weekly until Dec., so I have a chance to redeem myself, and beat the boys today! The past few Tuesdays, I have only had to run 5 miles, so I haven't run to swim since August.
Well, GAME ON!
I got out the door about an hour before they had to be at their lessons. I told the boys that I would win this one, and that VENGEANCE would be mine.
As I was running down Nottingham Way, I passed a car that honked at me. To my surprise, Shoreturtle recognized me. As I read on his blog, he was headed to the track for a speed workout.
I felt good running, no post race hangover or soreness. It sure was different, back to the solitary training runs.
I ran my usual pace, which I was fine with.
When I got to the swim class, I didn't see the wife's minivan, so I knew I had win in the bag!
Well, about 5 mins after I arrived, so did the boys. Both came out at me, saying that I cheated by leaving too early. I told them that maybe they where running late, and that I ran faster, so I win!
Guess this story isn't over just yet...

6.4 miles 55:36mins. 8:41min/mile avg.

1 9:23 min
2 8:46 min
3 8:45 min
4 8:47 min
5 8:28 min
6 8:13 min
.40 3:11 min


Anonymous said...

Run to swim, lol, I love it! I'd say you won fair and square :-)

Progman2000 said...

wow, nice run. I am usually wasted for a week after racing a HM.

Jill said...


ncrunner12 said...

So funny... Those poor kids are probably distraught and will never give you another oportunity to win again. If I were you I’d reiterate the FACT you won every chance you get.

Vava said...

That's awesome. My boys race everything, even if it is impossible to make it into a race. Nice work!

BeachRunner said...

Take that, kids! Nice victory. You won the battle this time, but not the war.

Darrell said...

Congrats on winning this one. Tell the boys there's always next week. 8-)

Laurel said...

Haha, great idea!

I am having trouble getting motivated to get out there again too. I think I'll try for a slow 6-7 tonight. I need some kids to race! Haha.