Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Saturday Morning run in the Soup

Man.. was it soupy out this morning!
I can't wait for Tropical Storm Hanna Montana to come and go, and relieve us of this HUMIDITY! While all the kids might love her, I can't wait to see her go!
Brutal, simply brutal humidity from this damn storm.
While I was lucky there wasn't any rain, AND I only had to run 5 miles, boy was it a tough run.
I don't mind the heat, but this sticky humidity, making it tough to breath sucks! I mean 95% humidity is a bit ridiculous !
Well, I got out into the soup about 8:30am, and had no idea where I felt like running, so I just ran thru the local neighborhoods. Not many people outside this Saturday morning, for obvious reasons.
I didn't run with the good old Ipod this morning. Just wanted to change things up a bit. While I truly enjoy running with it, sometimes it's nice to hear the sounds.
While the legs felt good, I am glad to be heading into a recovery week. My feet are feeling the strain of the last 3 weeks of mileage. It'll be nice to have a "short" 6 mile run on Sunday, compared to the last 3 weeks of 14,16 & 18 milers!
I'll have Wednesday off, and low mileage runs Tuesday(5), Thursday(5) and Saturday(4)!
The last 3 weeks of mileage where 38, 41, & 43.
This is the most mileage I have ran since my high school cross country days. I can tell you one thing, in my 4 years of cross country, our coach never had us do any runs longer than 10 miles. That might be one reason we didn't win many meets.
Well, it was a tough run today, I beat the rain, and look forward to the "easy 20 mile" week ahead.
5.02 miles 46:07min. (9.11 avg)
1 9:06 min/mi
2 9:13 min/mi
3 9:15 min/mi
4 9:18 min/mi
5.02 9:13 min/mi


Vava said...

It certainly wasn't that humid here, and I can imagine how difficult it is to run with 95% humidity! Nice work, and it's good your 5 miles was a short run as far as your training goes. That, for me, is still a long run and 18 miles is out of this world!

Anonymous said...

It was a humid soup here too. Gack! Good job cranking out the 5 miles - those can seem as hard as 25 miles in soup conditions. Enjoy your cut-back week, you've earned the break :-)

BeachRunner said...

I hear you on the humidity. It was bru-ew-ew-utal out there. Nice run in the Hanna Soup.