Monday, August 4, 2008

My new training partner

Here is my new Training Partner... the Garmin Forerunner 405 !
This is an awesome piece of technology! What an upgrade from my Timex Ironman, that I've had for, ohh I guess 20 years!
I have used this for a few runs now, and I can see a love/hate relationship in the making!
For one, this is unforgiving, as far as mileage goes. Say you run a certified 5 mile course, the Forerunner 405 tells you exactly how far you have run, and if you zig and zag, you could run less than the "5 miles".
I have mapped out runs, using my runner's world training log, and have had runs come up short. Not a tremendous amount, a few 1/10's, but when you set out to run a specific distance, and you get to what should be the finish, and you are short, I have found myself running, basically in circles, to get to the distance I need to run.
I have had no problem picking up satellite signals.
This watch has some awesome features, one that I really love, is the lap timer. You can set the lap timer, to whatever distance you'd like, and BAM.... it'll beep at you, and tell you your lap time. I have mine set for 1 mile.
You can also set it to whatever pace you'd like to run, and again, if you are going slower than the pace you set.. it'll beep at you.
What I have found out, after a few runs, is that I need to slow down the 1st few miles, and get on a more even pace. I start out too fast, and it comes back to get me in the end.
The other nice feature, I love, is the easy of download. If you have the ANT-stick, hooked up to your USB port, just set your watch down by it, your data will automatically be downloaded to your computer!
The one bad thing about the software is that you have to go to Garmin's site to download. It doesn't come with a CD.
All I can say, is if you ever consider buying a new watch, this is the one to get!


BeachRunner said...

Sweet! Looks like a fun toy, great for training, and easy to use too. Watch out now, with this new secret weaponry/bling you will be smoking the competition with superfast times.

Erin Leigh said...

Before I came on here tonight I was drooling over it. I finally looked it up and saved it to my favs. My b-day is in a month so I am HOPING that I can get it.

Congrats and enjoy!!

Michelle J said...

Hi and thanks for this review! I've been literally asking all over the internet for help in deciding, now i've decided!!

Great blog by the way!!!