Friday, August 8, 2008

Wednesday Stunk & Rebound on Thursday!

Well, I had to get out and run 8 miles Wednesday, before I went to the Phillies game.
The only time I had a chance to run, was about 3:00pm, in the heat & humidity!
This run STUNK! I picked a bad route to start with. It was a out & back, in direct August sun, AND I should have ran with a water, and didn't. I need to remember to bring water, on my 8mile+ runs.
As usual, I started out too fast, a 8:25 1st mile, and paid the price later in the run. Sometimes I can get away with a quick start, but not this day. I even, for the 1st time, cut a run a bit short.
I know it's not much, but I ran 7.66, instead of the scheduled 8 my plan called for. I know in the grand scheme of things, come November, it won't matter that I cut about a 1/2mile from a run in August, but this isn't something I want to start.
Well , I finished the 7.66 run in 1:10:42

1 8:25
2 8:46
3 8:57
4 9:05
5 9:29
6 9:33
7 9:48
.66 6:37

The only good thing about this day was that I got to see a Phils win over the Marlins.

Now Thursday was a different animal altogether!
I got out and ran around 6:00pm, the humidity from Wednesday was gone, and it was a comfortable, in the low 80's. Dare I say next to perfect weather!
My schedule called for a 6 mile run, and I decided to add on a bit, to make up what I didn't run on Wednesday.
While I have been fighting tired legs, my wind has been fine, and a few times during this run, I tried to do little bursts of speed, to break up the plowing along, kinda try and add a bit of life to the legs. I think what I need to do, is a better job of recovery after my runs, IE: proteins & stretching.
Funny thing, when I was checking out ShoreTurtle's blog, he ran a bit later than me, right past Sayen Garden's park. One day, I'm sure we'll bump heads on a run.
Here are the stats:
6.33 miles 55:42

1 8:53
2 8:54
3 9:08
4 9:05
5 8:43
6 8:25
.33 2:41
Have a great weekend.. It's an easy running weekend for me, 4 on Saturday & 6 on Sunday!


BeachRunner said...

That ain't half bad. LOL. Considering no water, heat, etc, its a great job. Have a nice weekend. Go Mets!

J~Mom said...

Looks speedy to me! Nice job!!