Monday, August 4, 2008

Recent Runs

Well, I haven't posted any of my recent training runs, because the family and I took a quickie vacation to Wildwood.

I did a few runs in Wildwood, and was home on Sunday for my long 12 mile run.

Here is a quickie view of my training runs last week:

I went to Veteran's Park, and ran 6 miles before going to The Police concert.

It was my 1st run, with the Forerunner, and this is where I learned that the GPS feature is an unforgiving mother. I had mapped out what I had thought would be a 6 mile run, only to come up a bit short!

It ended up being 6.01 miles in 51:44 (8:37/ mile).

Here are my splits:

1 8:09
2 8:14
3 8:31
4 8:50
5 9:04
6 8:47
7 :08


I got up early to run before we left for Wildwood. This was tough one to get up for, especially after going to a concert the nite before.

It was my 8 mile run day. I did the same route I ran in the pouring rain thru MCP a few weeks ago.

I will say that I felt really good running, considering I was up at 6:00am.The run was 8.12 miles in 1:16:02 (9:22/mile).

One difference I noticed between this run and Tuesday's, was I was more consistant in my pace. Lap/Mile
1 9:21
2 9:26
3 9:26
4 9:24
5 9:27
6 9:30
7 9:16
8 9:15
9 :54


Ahh running downashore! Nothing better. I was up at 6:30am , to get my run in before the family got up. It was beautiful! Low humidity, nice sunshine, and a slight southerly breeze.

I ran a 6.31 mile out and back, towards Cape May.

This was part of the same route I ran this past Sunday, on my 10 mile run.

At approx. the 3.1 mile mark, it put me at the base of the 1st bridge to Cape May. NICE!! No hills today.

I did the 6.31 miles in 56:32 (8:58/mile)

1 9:32
2 9:11
3 9:04
4 9:04
5 8:39
6 8:25
7 2:34


The last day of our mini vacation. Since I had not ran on the boardwalk, I wanted to hit it.

This is my short run day, I only need to run 4 miles, with Sunday's as my long run.

It started out as a really nice morning. I was out the door shortly before 7:00am.

As I was heading back, you could see lightning and hear the thunder, off in the distance, coming from Cape May, and headed right at us.

I was lucky enough to get back to the house, and hit the outdoor shower, before the skies unloaded on us. I felt bad for the people setting up to sell their goods at the craft show on the boardwalk. They had to get soaked!

I did 4.72 mile in 41:17 (8:45/mile)

Lap/ Mile
1 9:00
2 8:23
3 8:46
4 8:43
5 6:23


Well, this was my long run day. The 1st time I ever ran 12+ miles.

It was perfect running weather, in the low 60's, with just a slight breeze. Again, like a broken record, I was out the door before 7:00am. Gotta get that run in early.

We were taking our oldest son to the Haskell Invitational, to see Big Brown run. This was my 1st time at a horse race. I'm used to going to races with horsepower, just not the 4 legged type.

I felt really good during this run. I planned an out and back, from our house out towards West Windsor, and back, right down Old Trenton Rd.

I ended up running 12.18 mile in 1:52:49 (9:16/mile).

It felt really good to get a run of this length in. It made me feel as if I just might be able to pull off this marathon.

1 9:01
2 9:16
3 9:16
4 9:20
5 9:16
6 9:11
7 9:20
8 9:26
9 9:18
10 9:20
11 9:09
12 9:11
13 1:39

OK, there you have it, 5 runs in one long post..


Progman2000 said...

FORERUNNERS ROCK! I use a FR305. Your training will take on a whole new dimension with this thing. Take my advice and try a program called SportTracks (it's free). It is far more robust than Garmin's stock software. I don't know if yours came with a heart rate monitor - if not, you should add that on too. I also picked up the footpod for mine for the 6 times out of the year that I'm forced to run on a treadmill. Congratulations, you are on your way to becoming officially obsessed (I'm not, really, I swear, I am in control, totally in control...)!

ShoreTurtle said...

Congrats on 12+

These milestones should be celebrated.

5 runs in one post. I'm not sure if I should feel good that I got a 5 for 1 deal or if I should feel cheated out of 4 posts.

I'll go with feeling good.

BeachRunner said...

Phew that was a long post. LOL. Great job on the runs bro.