Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Back to the regular Tuesday Nite run...

Well, after a week away from my usual Tuesday nite run, it was back to running to swim class.
The boys wanted to beat Dad to swim, so the race was on!

I let them think they won, as I ran up along side of them, as they pulled into the parking lot,
(but little do they know I had been waiting for them for about 10 mins.).

It was an uneventful run. Nothing wacky happening on the roads.
My thighs where a bit heavy feeling at the beginning of the run, but my wind was fine. I pushed the pace a bit, as I felt pretty good. I have a tendency to run the 1st mile too fast, and that was the case here, as I ran my 1st mile in 8:14. Not good.. I thought for sure I would pay for it. I settled down, and averaged about an 8:30 pace for the run.
6.47 miles in 55:03

1 8:14
2 8:29
3 8:42
4 8:34
5 8:33
6 8:23
7 4:04

Today, I need to run 8 miles before going to the Phillies game. My company has 25 tickets to the game, and we are going with customers & a supplier, who's footing the bill!


BeachRunner said...

Nice run. I like how you let the kids win...thank God you aren't THAT competitive. LOL. All you need to do is slow down on mile one and you are golden.

I need to send some dastardly mojo to your phillies, as the mets are doing everything they can to choke on it again.

Erin Leigh said...

LOL about "racing" them.

Hope you had a good run today. Yay for anyone footing the bill for baseball!!