Thursday, August 28, 2008

Weekday runs

Well, after the run I had on Sunday, with the fall, and not completing the 16 miles, I was hoping for 3 good runs on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. I also wanted to run towards North Wildwood, explore that end of the island. I was getting bored of the same route to Cape May.
One thing about me, when I find something that I like or works, I repeat it over and over, until I am sick of it.
Well, here's the scoop on my road rash mess from Sunday. The knee has finally stopped oozing liquid, the elbow is fine, and my right hand, I think is the worse, and it has been sore. I guess it took most of the impact from the fall. The knee was a bit tender at the start of my runs on Tuesday & Wednesday, but has mostly scabbed up, and felt pretty good on Thursday.

Here's a little recap of my runs.

On Tuesday, I was a little nervous about how the knee would feel. I was glad it had a day of recovery. Everything went great. I felt good. The knee was a little tender at the beginning, but I soon forgot about it, and got into the run. I ran to North Wildwood, a place I have really just passed through. It has a block or 2 of bars, that pack them in at nite.

I was surprised to find that they built this cement ocean wall, that you can run/walk on . It's more of a barrier to keep the ocean where it belongs during storms, but they made it a beautiful part of the landscape. It was a really cool place to run on.

Here are the stats for Tuesday:
6:04 miles (54:19 9:00/mile)
1 8:56
2 9:09
3 9:16
4 8:51
5 9:05
6 8:44
.04 .19
Wednesday morning I felt really strong. It was the best I had felt all week. Maybe it was a high off the nice come from behind win I saw the Phils do. We got home in the 9th inning from the boardwalk ,and caught the rest of the game. Nice game huh BeachRunner411 !!

Anyway, I was up and out the door by 7:00am, and headed to my new favorite running course toward North Wildwood.
I felt so good the last 2 miles, I deceided to see how much I could pick it up. My 7th mile split was 8:39, so I wanted to see if I could get under 8mins. Boy I was surprised to see I did that 8th mile in 7:39! It was quite a confidence boost after the Sunday run.

8.13 miles (1:12:58 8:59/mile). It would have been a better mile average, but I couldn't get forerunner to stop.. damn modern technology.
1 9:26
2 9:05
3 9:05
4 9:10
5 9:02
6 9:08
7 8:39
8 7:40
.13 1:44
Thursday, being a creature of habit, I headed out to do close to the same route I did on Tuesday. It was a windy kinda overcast morning. I think this might be the worst day, weather wise of the week. Not a good beach day. It was a good surrey rental day, and we did that after breakfast.:
I wasn't out for a leisurely run, a bit uptempo.. Nice and smooth..
6.46 (56:03 8:40/mile)
1 8:54
2 8:31
3 8:42
4 9:09
5 8:35
6 8:24
.46 3:49

Well, there you have it. I survived the Sunday fall, am enjoying the beach life for a week with the family, and getting my mileage in before the family gets up.


Progman2000 said...

Nice on the beach runs - what's on the LR schedule for this weekend?

FLYERS26 said...

I have a 5 miler on Saturday, and 18 on Sunday! I need to put all 18 miles in on Sunday, Prog!

Progman2000 said...

I hear you - get to bed early on Saturday!

BeachRunner said...

Nice recovery from the wipeout and sweet beach running dude.

With our sad effing excuse for a bullpen, I'll take the split of that series and RUN.