Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Run to Swim... the Final Epic Race for the Gold!

As the summer winds down, tonite is the final of the summer series RUN TO SWIM!
The boys have taken it to me, constantly beating me in the 6+ mile race (wink, wink).
So tonite, VENGEANCE is mine! I will win the Gold and take my rightful place among the greats that have come before me. I will beat those 2 boys, oh yea, I will beat those 2!
Well, I left the house around 5:30pm, as the boys finished up dinner. Both boys were confident that they would finish up, have time to chill,maybe play a little, and have Mom drive them to swim before me.
As usual, I went out fast. I guess subconsciously, I really wanted to get there first. My 1st mile was 8:06. What the heck was I thinking?
I settled down into a nice 8:30ish pace, and was confident that my 2 circus clowns would be running late, and I would beat them.
WELL... as I arrived, I was shocked to see the mini van parked, with no one inside.
Not only had they beat me, they were inside waiting! When they saw me walking up, they came running out of the lobby, cheering, really giving it to me.
I was in shock.. both boys laughing, saying "we beat you Daddy!!".
It was a fun way to do my Tuesday runs, and the boys did great in their swim class. Maybe I didn't go out too fast.
Wait til next year boys!
1 8:06
2 8:26
3 8:37
4 8:36
5 8:32
6 8:19
.52 4:18


BeachRunner said...

Great numbers on your run, but not great enough - looooser. LOL. Awesome race series, too bad it has to end.

ShoreTurtle said...

Sorry about your loss. ; )

I think that you may on to something. You can get your boys excited about going other places by agreeing to race them there (the dentist, the opera, the american girl museum, etc.)

Vava said...

Nice blog! I just found it and will be back. What about those Mats Sundin to Philly rumours? Are Flyer fans excited or completely disinterested?

Marcy said...

Dang, you're boys are supa speedy ;-) And you are too!