Sunday, August 10, 2008

2nd half of my 10 on the 10th!

I finished the 2nd half of the 8 on the 8th challenge this morning. I amended it to 10 by the 10th.
I was up and out the door by 7:00am this morning, and my outdoor thermometer read 58.6 ! I'm still shaking my head at that. I mean it is August in NJ, which usually means it's about 80 deg w/ 80% humidity at 7:00am.
I just know we are going to pay for this great weather soon!
Anyway, back to the run. I took is slow at the start, something I am really concentrating on doing. Not many people where out and about. I passed a few runners & one cyclist.
It was nice to be done my run before the family got up.
This is a nice easy week of running. 4 miles on Tuesday & Thursday!
Here are my results:
1 9:41
2 9:33
3 9:24
4 9:19
5 8:50
6 8:20
.13 :57


Ted said...

Like you, I am quite surprised with this cool weather we are having. I am loving it. It was 61 degrees this morning when I picked up my morning paper. I was like "Is this September?" We ought to take advantage of it now. I think we will get a few more burst of hot weather before fall sets in.

Erin Leigh said...

Me too!! I have been really liking it!! Great job with getting out there!!

audgepodge said...

Thanks for stopping my blog - Great job on your 10 on the 10th!

BeachRunner said...

Kick ass numbers, bro. Way to start slow and finish strong.

ncrunner12 said...

Nice run! I know what you mean about the weather, it's oddly nice here in NC so I'm going to try and put some much needed miles in soon.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Thanks for joining us!! Would you mind giving me a final 8 mile time? If not, I will include you but not have a time.

Glad you were able to get it done!!