Thursday, July 31, 2008

The POLICE w/ Elvis Costello & the Imposters

Here are a few pics of The POLICE concert from Tuesday nite.
Great show, shame that this is the end.
We got in to see the last few songs from Elvis Costello, and where lucky enough to walk in to see Sting join Elvis onstage, singing "Allison".
The POLICE came on stage about 8:50, and went right into Message in a Bottle. From there on out, it was back to 1984, as they ripped thru a set heavy on the hits.
It was a quick show, over by 10:30pm.
Hopefully they'll reconsider, and continue on, but the way they played "Can't Stand Losing You", and their body language, you could say they were telling the story of the end of the band

It was a great nite, and if it is indeed the last time I will see them together on stage, I'm glad I was there!


ncrunner12 said...

Never been much of a Police fan but it would be cool to see a band like them if it was their last time on stage together.

Ann said...

The Police - Greatest Hits was the very first CD I ever bought (way back when)...I love them. It must have been great!

BeachRunner said...

Sounds like a great time.

PreFan1982 said...

Sounds like a good time!!!