Tuesday, July 22, 2008

You know you're in training when...

Tonite was the run to swim class. The mileage from our house to swim is just about 5 miles.
I have added on mileage last week, to push it to 5.8 miles.
Well now that I'm into the start of the 18 week journey to Philly, I have to run 6 miles on Tuesdays. In order to do this, I mapped out a route that took me further away, kinda running north to go south, if you will.
This is something that I never would have thought to do. I mean really, who runs away from a destination? The quickest way to a point is how we live today. Gotta do everything on hyperdrive.
Well, I'm learning that slow & long is how I'll make it 26.2 miles in Nov. To get to that destination, I have to put in the mileage.
My oldest son asked me why I have to run all the time. I explained to him that this is my
practice, to be able to run a marathon, like when he has soccer or baseball practice, running is mine. He answered with "it's just like swim class is teaching me to swim ".
He's a cool 6yr old. It always amazes me some of the things he comes up with.
Well, he did great at his lesson, minus his brother, who's got a summer cold.
I did my run, it the 90deg, 90% humidity, as is becoming the norm.
I thought I might be running in the rain tonite, as it started to drizzle as soon as I left.
Well, that was all their was,as I hit the 1 mile mark, the sun was back out. What's nice about this run is the gradual uphill the last 2 miles.
I felt good and did the 6.55 miles in 57:26 (8:47/ mile).
As much as we need rain around here, I hope it holds out for my run tomorrow.


Progman2000 said...

8:47 pace in 90 degree heat - nice. I am anxious to see you report on your first 20 miler!

BeachRunner said...

90 deg, 90% humidity, 6.55 miles, uphill last 2 miles, 8:47 pace ... Dude, I hate you. LOL.

BTW totally kidding. I dislike you.

ShoreTurtle said...

These Summer training runs break you down and build you back up. As the distance increases, it becomes as much a mental challenge as a physical one.

My philosophy for my marathons was to just try to make it through training in one piece.

You're paying your dues now. The marathon is the reward. You're well on your way.

I often think of my past marathon training miles. They are definitely character building.

Keep up the good work.

akshaye said...

Nice digits for that weather! Running away from a destination is a good way to add miles - another one of my favorites is getting lost. I figure on a long run (15-20 miles) I have enough time to find my way again.

Ted said...

Like you, I have registered for the Philly marathon. It is no question that you will do well. Most importantly, make your first marathon a fun one and the most memorable you can. Remember, don't pressure yourself with the timing or anything. You just do it ! The feeling of crossing the finish line is out of the world.