Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Running and The Police!

Most criminals & people run from the police, I on the other hand run BEFORE The Police!

The wife and I have tickets to see my all-time favorite band, for the "last" time, The Police.
Sure many bands have said "last tour", but something tells me, this will be in fact the last tour they do together. Sting rules the roost, and what he has said, is this is it.
So, we'll be in Philly, 6th row in front of Andy, for the concert.
The above picture I took, when they played Citizen's Bank Park last July.
I've had the tickets since last November, when they were to play Philly, but Sting came down with a cold, and they cancelled.
Sooo, with a concert tonite, I need to run 6 miles this afternoon, before the concert.
What happened to the days of tailgating, drinking your ass off for hours beforehand, and heading in, all F'd up?
Hmm... maybe 2 boys, 2 homes and 2 mortgages?


BeachRunner said...

What a great day/night. Enjoy the show.

ShoreTurtle said...

We went to the show last year at Citizen's Bank Park too. If I would have known, we could have carpooled.

Have fun at the show.

Marcy said...

Ahhhhh how times change! Have a great time!

Ted said...

You bastard! I envy ya! Police is still one of my favorite since high school. One of many songs I have in my iPod that I listen while running and one is King of Pain and Driven to Tears. (Many more....) Enjoy the show!

Progman2000 said...

Yep, the last concert I saw was Kansas last year in PA. Talk about an older, mellower crowd. I couldn't go to a concert now unless I was guaranteed to be in bed by 10:00.

Go Eagles

Ted said...

How was the concert last night? Hope the electricity was out last night!