Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weekend Runs on the 6's & 7's.

Well, I got my runs in early both Saturday & Sunday. It was a busy but fun weekend.
Saturday started out with the alarm going off at 6:00am , so I could get out and do my scheduled 4 mile run. We needed to be on the road to Wildwood by 8:00am, and anyone with young kids, know how hard it is to keep on schedule.
I wanted to be down before our renters were leaving. More about that in a bit.
It was nice to actually feel a "chill in the air". It was 60deg at 6:00am, Saturday. I felt good, even after eating a bit to much Carvel ice cream cake the nite before. It was an easy run, 4.2 miles, in 35:48 (8:36/mile).
When I finished, I was telling my wife, it seemed like it was over really quick. I guess that the benefit of running longer distances.
We did get out of the house and on the road, a little after 8:00am. The family that was staying at our house, left around 9:30am, so we ended up missing them.
The traffic was heavy on the good ole Garden State Parkway, but in the end, we were on the beach, after the traffic & house cleaning by 1:00pm.
It was a nice to be on the beach with the wife & boys. The boys sure love the beach, but what kid doesn't? Dig a big hole, jump a few waves, and Ice Cream!
There was a 4 mile run that nite, in North Wildwood, the Sandblast Beach Run.
It started at 7:00pm, and ran from 16th St in North Wildwood, to the Fishing Pier in the Crest, and back, right along the ocean.
I watched some of the race,and maybe next year, I'll give it a go.

Sunday is my long run day. I had mapped out a 10 mile out and back run. My run took me back onto part of the Ocean Drive Marathon /10 miler course I did back in the end of March.
I got up at 6:30am , and was out the door before 7:00am.
Again, I sound like a broken record, but what great weather to run in! It was 65deg, with a south west breeze. A big difference from the nasty north eastern 20-25mph headwind I ran the entire time in the 10 miler back in March.
What was nice about the run today, was I worked in 2 hills. As you leave Lower Twp, you have to run over 2 bridges, to get to Cape May.
I am really not good at hills, so I have accepted the challenge, knowing that I need to run hills, in my marathon training.
I did pass by a few runners, but the cyclists where out in full force.
What I did notice that it was every type of person biking.
There was the competitive bikers, flying along Ocean Drive. The Russian kids, going to the fisheries, to work. Even the retirees, out for a Sunday bike ride into Cape May.
I stopped in a WaWa, on my way back, to grab a water. It was at about the 7 mile mark. The lines to check out where outta control, so I just handed the cashier a buck, and out the door I went.
There wasn't many people out and about in Wildwood Crest, when I left just before 7:00am, but what a difference an hour and a half make. The sleepy little shore town was waking up.
My run ended up at just over 10 miles, at 10.22. I felt good the entire run, and finished the 10.22 miles in 1:36:21 (9:26/mile).
Next Sunday, I need to add 2 miles to my run, and that will be the 1st time I've gone longer than 10 miles...... ever!
One week down, and 18 to go! Is it November yet?


ShoreTurtle said...

The weather sounds like it was great this weekend. I love the shore. I love running at the shore too.

Nice job on your weekend runs!

PreFan1982 said...

Nice weather report. Wish I had that kind of scenery.
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