Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Run to Swim my new Tuesday tradition.

Tonite my 2 boys had their swim lessons, so I decided to Run to Swim again.
I made sure to leave early enough, so I would be waiting for them, when they arrived.
With my marathon training starting in a few weeks, I have started to add mileage to my runs.
I have this run up to 5.8 miles, and during my training, I'll have to get this Tuesday run over 6 miles. It shouldn't be a problem to add. I'll just add a bit at the start.
I felt really good running tonite. It was nice to not have to deal with the humidity!
According to all the weather reports, it'll be back on Thursday.
I made sure to eat an earlier dinner, and drank plenty of water during the day. I felt like I had the bladder of a 80yr old, with how much I went this afternoon.
Well, I ran the 5.8 miles in 48:56 (8:27/mile). It was a comfortable pace. I seem to feel it in the legs, but my wind is not a problem.
What I need to do, is get better at stretching before a run. I am bad, no make it terrible at that. It's usually, throw on the shoes, stretch the hamstrings out a bit, and take off. That is something I will have to improve on, or I'll probably end up hurting myself.


ncrunner12 said...

Good run! Keep it going into your training. I read this from the Jeff Galloway website, thought it might help...

Most runners think they should stretch just before running. You see them everywhere, legs on benches, leaning against buildings-getting ready to run. I don't recommend this. Just before running, the muscles are tight and may pull or strain easily. You are particularly at risk early in the morning when you're cold and blood flow is minimal. Pushing a cold muscle, tendon or joint often leads to injury.

BeachRunner said...

Dude you are fast. Nice run.

I need to make sure I stretch after running, but I totally agree with ncrunner12 to be careful about pre-run stretching. Stretching before running definitely doesn't work for me. I feel like I might do more damage than good, especially to my tight hammies. I prefer to just warm up with a brisk walk or slow jog before starting my runs. I save the stretching for the end of the workout. (BTW my wife swears by ice baths for her legs after she runs to flush the lactic acid out). In addition to ice after the run, you might consider a hot bath or shower before running to loosen up and get the blood flow going.

I think everyone is different when it comes to flexibility and stretching. But definitely be careful with the pre-run stretches.

Keep up the great work on the training.

FLYERS26 said...

Thanks for the advice, NC & BR.

I have been hitting our pool, after my Sunday long runs. It's has been aroudn 78deg, and feels pretty cool.