Tuesday, July 8, 2008

5.21miles after dinner

After dinner tonite, our boys had their 1st swim lessons of the season. I knew the mileage was 5.21 miles to the class (thank you Runner's World online training log), so should I run to the class or afterwards?
Well, I decided to run to the class. I don't know what I was thinking, as I only left 1/2hour ahead of the wife & boys. For some reason I was thinking it was only 4 miles, but I knew it was 5+. Guess I was having a "senior moment". Well, I was a bit late. I realized my mistake about 3 miles into the run, as I realized how much further I had to go.
All in all, it was a bit of a struggle, as I should have run after the class. It was too soon after eating to run, especially in the humid weather.
The boys did great in their class, and I did the 5.21 miles in 44:50 (8:37/mile).
One thing I noticed about my runs, they are consistently between 8:30 - 8:45/ mile pace.
I'll throw this question out there to the seasoned marathon runners:
Is this a good thing? Should I start to add tempo runs? I'm still a few weeks away from starting my 18 week journey to Philly.
I have decided on a marathon training plan, and will post it in soon.


Darrell said...

Your finish time goal for Philly will affect your training pace. Classic advice says to run some training runs, especially the long ones, slower than marathon pace and some faster. But then again training plans and advice are about as numerous as marathons.

Nice way to knock out tonights run, BTW.

Running To Stand Still said...

I have no advice for you but think the way you fit in your runs is great!

akshaye said...

if you want to get faster then definitely add some speedwork. Besides I enjoy the variety of 3-4 different types of runs in a week!