Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekend Runs

This is how my weekend started, on the Atlantic City Expressway, at 7:30am Saturday, in the fog, headed to Wildwood.
I arrived in Wildwood by 8:30am, and decided to run on the beach, and hit the boardwalk on the way back. The fog was also on the beach, as you couldn't see Morey's Piers.
It was nice to run on the beach. I haven't done that since last summer. Running on the beach, you can sure tell, that you are using your legs more so than just running on asphalt.
The temperature was perfect at the shore, unlike back home. It was 72, with a nice ocean breeze.
I ran 4.02 miles in 35:47 (8:55 mile).
Up next.. 10 miles.. maybe...
Well, I got the somewhat early start I need on Sunday. I was out of the house at 7:15am.
It was already 77degs, and humid as hell!
When I got up, I threw a water bottle in the freezer, for the run. I also packed one of my Hammer Nutrition sample gels, banana flavor.
I had a route all mapped out, that had me passing Mercer County Park, and running thru part of Robbinsville, and weaving my way back home.
Well, as luck in this heat would have it, I missed a right turn. With missing the turn, I was hoping that I wouldn't fall under 10 miles.
The heat and humidity the past week here is oppressive, and today,you could feel the heat coming off the road, and it's wasn't even 8:00am! It was a struggle from about the 1/2 point on. I was glad that I brought a bottle of water along.
I did pass a few runners & bikers out to torture themselves in the heat with me.
It was a tough run., and I was glad when it was over!
My mistake only cost me 1/10 of a mile. The original run was 10.3 miles & I ran 10.2 miles.
My time: 1:38:48 (9:43/mile).
FYI.. my son checked the temperature when I got home, and it was up to 86.
Well, Monday is an off day, and I am off into my 18 week training schedule.


BeachRunner said...

Awesome determination and discipline to get out there and push through the heat and humidity. Keep up the great work.

ShoreTurtle said...

You had a busy weekend. Great job on your runs. The weather has made running tough.

You're lucky that you wrong turn made such a small difference. I've unintentionally made some of my runs much longer or much shorter than planned.

If you ever need a water stop, you can add my house to your route. Complimentary misting station, water, gatorade & porta-john are provided.

akshaye said...

Nice runs.. thats some crazy warm weather to be running in. You did great!

I agree with you on the beach running. Actually the same thing is true of trails too.. with much more give than asphalt they make you work harder.

ncrunner12 said...

Great runs! Of course the first one sounds ideal and then the second sounds like torture.
If there is a good side to look at, training in the heat makes those fall marathons a bit easier, could you imagine running 26.2 in this weather?

Running To Stand Still said...

Ugg that run sounded tough. Always nice to have them behind us.