Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A tale of 2 x 5k.

I might be doing a St. Paddy's Day 5k on Saturday, so for today's run, I did a mock 5k race, and took the 2nd 5k, to recover.
It was in the high 40's, overcast with some sprinkles mixed in, and winds out of the west.
After the 16 mile run on Sunday, I took an extra day off. I felt good on Monday, not that sore, but decided not to run until Wednesday.
I felt good during the 1st 5k, and wanted to negative split each mile. The 1st mile I started out conservative, and improved each mile.
My splits were 8:00, 7:36 & 7:18, with the last .10 at .43sec., a 7:37 mile avg.
That came out to a 23:38 5k. I was happy with that, considering I do no speed workouts.
If I do run the 5k race, I would like to see if I could get under 22mins.
The run back, the 2nd 5k, I actually took it easy, and ran it in 27:18.

I think this was my last run in the Asics Gel Kayano 14's. I am way over on the mileage, and I can feel it in the legs. I am going to try and pick up the new 15's Thursday!


Blyfinn said...

Nice run. I hope the new shoes help the legs. I don't want you laid up like me.

Sneaker Sister said...

Good luck!!

Denise said...

Good luck if you decide to run. You've been running fast, I think you can definitely do it in under 22.

BommaMama said...

Wow Bill you are fast! Great job on the run. I'm doing a St. Paddy's Run on the 22nd in Freehold (10 miles).
Good luck beating 22 min. at the one you're doing!

Vava said...

Nice pacing, and good luck with the new kicks!

sRod said...

Good luck!