Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bill & Ted's Excellent 16 mile Adventure!

Today, I traveled to Seaside Heights, NJ, with Shoreturtle to do a training run with Ted & Joyrun . Finally we were to meet the legendary Ted!

We paired off, and I ran the 16 miles with Ted, and a Shoreturtle ran with Joyrun.
It started out a bit cold, so as usual, I overdressed, ohh.. and I forgot to grab my water.

It got warm real quick, and as we left Seaside, and headed into Island Beach State Park, we ditched the jackets behind some the entrance to the park.
As Ted and I where at about mile 6, a red fox was in the road, staring at us, as we running towards it. A car came up from behind us, and scared it in to the woods. We got close to it, as it was lying in the woods, I got my camera out, and it took off before I could snap a picture. It was really cool looking. We turned around at about the 8 mile mark, but before we did, we followed a boardwalk, to a little dock that overlooked the bay.
As we headed back towards Seaside, we passed Joy & Turtle. As you can see, someone thought that seeing us, meant you could stop!

When we got back to our jacket drop off, I hit the men's room, and got some much needed water. I needed that, since I forgot my water back at the car.

There was some great scenery, and as we got back on the boardwalk, it's was awesome to be running next to the beach again.

It was a great run. I felt like I was an anchor on Ted. The man is a machine! He set a nice pace. We averaged 9:13 min miles. Let me tell ya, it was a tough keeping that pace, considering I haven't run miles like that since Philly, and running 7 miles on the trails Saturday didn't help!

It was great to run with Ted, and I look forward to running with him again.

It looks like Joyrun is well on her way to have a great NJ Marathon experience, both her and Turtle did awesome.

Fyi.. I owe Turtle & Joyrun writing credits for the title.

16 miles 2:27:33

1 9:45
2 9:11
3 9:15
4 9:10
5 9:09
6 9:06
7 9:11
8 9:26
9 8:50
10 8:55
11 8:57
12 9:07
13 9:15
14 9:18
15 9:18
16 9:29


Laurel said...

The man, the myth...the legend. It's TED!

Glad you guys got to meet up with him. I hope his spirits are up a bit. I'm sure he had a great time with you guys.

Looks like a beautiful run. I wish I was closer to the beach. The old schuylkill river just doesn't have the same effect.

Blyfinn said...

That sounds like a great time! I hate having to miss my runs. I really miss my long runs.

akshaye said...

Sounds like a fun run. And the pictures are splendid.

Progman2000 said...

Nice pace for the 16 miler - sorry I missed you guys.

joyRuN said...

You guys were quick! I think that's how we got the 9:xx splits for the first two miles - trying to keep you & Ted in sight.

Denise said...

So nice you guys can meet up and run together!

BommaMama said...

Hey Bill was this part of the organized NJ Marathon training run or totally different? I'm thinking about heading out that way this coming Sunday but have no idea if people will be there...? In any case, sounds like you had a great run!

Vava said...

Nice! Running with bloggers, near the water - fantastic! Great long run as well.

Ted said...

You put a big smile on me! Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. You got me cracking up ! Yes, it was indeed an excellent adventure. Thanks for running with me!

Let's plan on doing another long run - This time, bring your hydration bottle.

P.S. I didn't know that I am a legend of some sort. :-)

Marcy said...

Awwwhhhh man! You guys are so lucky! Dang I wish more peeps lived near me!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

I recognize Flyers26 and Shoreturtle but who's that 11-year-old boy on the left in the last picture?

Michelle said...

Very nice!!!

I am jealous that you guys got to run together!!

Someday perhaps i will drive out to NJ to run with you and TED?!!!

Or run behind you and TED!!!

Run Mommy said...

It is great that you can get together and run! Great pictures. Also, I see on your blog that you run for Arthritis as well? Well done!

sRod said...

Glad you were all able to get together for a group run. Must have been perfect out there on the shore.

Sneaker Sister said...

Nice title!!

And a great run you guys.

SuperDave said...

It must be in the NJ water- you drink it and you can run fast! You met the Tedster. You both are speedy as hell! You know you guys are making the rest of us jealous!