Thursday, March 19, 2009

8 miles on Hump Day.

Man it seems like this has been a long week.
With the weather more spring like, highs in the mid 60's with a steady 15mph wind, I headed out after work to get my 8 mile run in.
The wind was kinda a cross breeze for the 1st half, and more in my face on the 2nd half of the 8 miler.
I did a loop from home, through Mercer County Park, and back home. While I didn't see as many runners out as I did on Tuesday, the few I saw didn't wave. Oh well, I'll continue to do what I do, and hopefully a nice gesture will rub off on the runners I pass.
I felt a bit tired in the legs, from pushing it on the 6 miler the day before. I tried to slow my pace down. I kind of did that.
What I have tried to do, and succeeded so far, is to run more upright, not hunched over. I think it has helped in my stride, and breathing. The other thing I have worked on, is to finish the last mile strong. It's a nice confidence builder, when you last mile is your fastest.
Hopefully the weather holds out today, they are calling for rain, and I'd like to get out and run another 6 miler.
8 miles 1:08:03 (8:30avg.)

Mile / Time
1 8:15
2 8:27
3 8:30
4 8:49
5 8:47
6 8:39
7 8:31
8 8:00


BommaMama said...

I ran along the Delaware Raritan Canal in Princeton on Tuesday, and would you know not one person (runner, walker OR biker) would look at me or respond when I smiled and said "hi" - such snootiness!

Vava said...

Well done yet again! I am living vicariously through your impressive training runs. Seems like as soon as I started to push the pace a bit my plantar fasciitis flared right back up. I have to deal with that before trying to push myself the same as you.

Blyfinn said...

Sounds like you're in good shape. The running season should be good to you.

Denise said...

I've been trying to be more aware of my form when running, too. It's easy to get sloppy when you're tired.

ShoreTurtle said...

I think that the reason that people aren't waving/acknowledging you is that you're running so fast that all they see is a blur...

I did an out and back yesterday to MCP. When you were there? I ran 9 miles (5 at short tempo pace and 4 at easy pace). I would have waved if I saw you.

Ted said...

In response to BommaMama... thats how people are in Princeton.

Hey Flyers26... nice nice nice pace. Keep up the good work.

Today's the first day and who would know this? Its snowing right now!

Michelle said...

WOOHOO excellent run. That last 8 min mile ROCKS!!!