Thursday, March 5, 2009

Running in Philly!

Today, when I packed my running gear, I had the thought of running somewhere different.

On a Thursday, I normally don't go into the city of Philadelphia, but I had to, so where better to run, than Kelly Drive, and relive some of the magic of the Marathon course.

It was a nice day to run, with the sun out, temps in the high 40's, and a slight breeze.

There was a nice mix of walkers, bikers & runners out.

I wanted to stay close to the 5 mile range, I didn't want to overdue it, like last week. I started out around the Art Museum, and ran one of the few hills that were part of the Marathon course. As I was running it, I remembered this part of the course, and I could hear our pace group leader pushing us up and down the hill. Man, he was good, Pacer Dan! He kept us at such an even pace, I really owe him, he made my marathon experience awesome.

Anyway, I headed out Kelly Drive, and turned around, when the Garmin hit 3 miles. I felt good, and thought about going further, but came to my senses, and headed back towards the Art Museum. When I got around Boathouse Row, I got to thinking about how the crowd grew, the cheering intensified, and it pushed me to the finish. When I made the right turn, and saw the finish, it was an awesome site. I first saw my sister in law, and a littler closer to the finish I saw my wife & brother in law. Thinking about that today, running, made it seem as if it just happened.
It was a great run, and I really enjoyed myself.

5.7 miles 46:39 (8:11 mile avg.).

The last 2 days, I listened to the new U2 album.. I'll give it a thumbs up. If you are a fan of U2, I'd say go out and buy No Line on the Horizon, it's a solid album... do we still call them albums?


sRod said...

Kelly Drive is one of the best running routes I've ever been on, right up there with Central Park and the Charles River.

Reliving races are the best!

Denise said...

I just relived that part of the marathon with you. I always think of that very spot!!

Sneaker Sister said...

You are seriously kicking some butt these days. I'm happy for you!

By the way, my blog address has changed:

Blyfinn said...

Sounds like you have great memories of the marathon. I mainly have ones regarding how it beat me. I hope to change that this year.

Oz Runner said...

nice job on the run...I totally need to check out the new U2 album

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

I have to try out that route one of these days.

Philly is MY town (born and bred there) and I've never really RUN there.

Boathouse row is sweet, especially at night!

SuperDave said...

I watched U2 perform on The Morning show this am. I love U2 - good running music.
Good run. It's gonna be a good weekend for running.

Vava said...

Nice run! That pace continues to amaze (read: I'm jealous!).

Albums? no, I guess not. Even compact discs seems a stretch since by today's standards they are not exactly "compact". Glad you liked the record though. I haven't heard it yet. Is it good to listen to while running?

X-Country2 said...

What a great way to run down memory lane. Sounds like a pretty amazing race.

Laurel said...

I relive it every weekend. It's been bitter out there the past few weeks with the wind off the river though.

I love living to close to Kelly Drive. It's one of the main reasons we moved to this particular neighborhood.

akshaye said...

I loved the new album too.. all if it great. And it was only $3.99 from amazon smp3 store.

Very nice run!