Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ocean Drive 10 Miler preview.. with PIctures!

The wife and I sans kids & dogs, headed down to Wildwood, to open the house for the season.
With the Ocean Drive 10 miler next weekend, I planned to run most of the course, to get reacquainted with the winds!

I had her drop me off at the starting area, and I was going to run back to our house, which the course passes right by.

As we were headed to Cape May, the toll bridge on the course, the last hill, was closed for street repairs, due to reopen on the 27th. We spun around and headed back into Wildwood, hit the Garden State Parkway, and headed into Cape May. I told my wife that I would cross the bridge, she was a little nervous about leaving me, wondering how I would get back. I told her if I'm not back in an 1:20mins, you know I couldn't cross the bridge, and I would figure out a root back.

So, with the wife gone, I started out on the course.

As I passed by their convention hall, I noticed their billboard.

As I passed the 1st mile mark, still running along their beach, I passed the road where I was to turn left. My mistake added about 3/4 mile on to my run.

Heading out of Cape May, you encounter the 1st of 2 bridges. This is a nice looong hill. It's around the 3 mile mark. Once you get to the top, it's a gradual downhill, and you bear off to the right, onto the Ocean Drive, and head towards Wildwood.

The next few miles are mostly a back bay marshy area, nice and flat.

As I got closer to the closed toll bridge, I came upon a warning sign.

Even though I knew it was closed to pedestrians, the big sign did not say that, and I was going to use that to cross.

Just past the sign, there was a smaller flat bridge to cross. The wind picked up a bit here, with the open area.As I got closer to the bridge, and seeing the closure, I was a bit nervous if they wouldn't let me cross. I would have had to turn around, and run aprox 3 miles back, and about 4 miles on the GSP, just to get back close to Wildwood... not good!

As I ran up the bridge, I told the 1st worker I saw, that I had been dropped off in Cape May, and had no idea the bridge was closed to pedestrians, and had no other way to get to Wildwood. He gave me a look, and told me to be careful crossing, and that I could not cross it later. I thanked the man, told him I would not be back, and kept going.As I got through the construction area, I snapped a picture, and kept on running! As you can see, there wasn't much room to cross.

I was now free and clear to finish my run, with only the winds to slow me down.
The winds weren't bad today. I can only hope the conditions will be like this next Sunday for the actual race.

I stayed on the new route in Wildwood Crest, and I think this will be a plus with the winds. Usually we run the bike path in the Crest, until we hit the boardwalk in Wildwood. This year, we run on Atlantic Ave, a block off the beach, and I think the hotels will help blocking the wind for us.

As I got closer to our street, I saw the hotel on our corner, Ala Moana. It should have been around the 8.2 mile mark, but with my 1st mile error, it was closer to 8.9 miles.
I turned the corner to the left,and headed for home! I hit the 9 mile mark just past our house.
It was a nice run. I was glad to be back downashore running.

I did the 9 miles in 1:12:51 (8:05 avg.)

Maybe I can hold up this pace for the 10 miler next Sunday.

  1. 8.22
  2. 8.02
  3. 7:58
  4. 8:12
  5. 8:04
  6. 7:54
  7. 8:09
  8. 8:07
  9. 7:56

Now who would put stickers on the back of a wrong way sign?


Sneaker Sister said...

Wow! You are just killing it lately with your paces. Nicely done!! Love the pics.

joyRuN said...

Thanks for the preview! I remember those bridges - and I'm ready for them (I think).

ShoreTurtle said...

Thanks for the photo preview. I think that you're set for a sub 8 pace next weekend. I'll try to stick with you.

Denise said...

You're going to do great next weekend!!

Sonia said...

Good job on the 9 miler! Hope that you'll be able to hold the pace next week =)

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Michelle said...

Great run and pace!!!


BommaMama said...

Awesome run Bill! You are going to kill the 10 miler next week. I guess that means you're not doing the Rat Race with the trail group? I did 10 today (St. Paddy's 10 miler in Freehold) in 1:29 - I'm happy with that!
Keep it up!!

SuperDave said...

Now that is a fast 9 miler! Good thing you didn't have to turn around at the bridge. That would've sucked!

Blyfinn said...

Nice pace for the run. I hope I still have my running fitness when I'm able to get back to running. You seemed to gain yours back fast.

Vava said...

Nice friggin' pace man! And what a great vacation/cottage spot too. Flyers are doing allright, Leafs better than expected, and the Canadiens are now for sale?!?! Crazy. What's up with Ovechkin's antics too! How's that playing in Philly?

Progman2000 said...

Dude you were gonna do Chicago and then Philly - Asbury Park is only a week later than Chicago, plenty of time. Low key, multiple loop relay - piece of cake :)

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

YOU HAVE YOUR OWN HOUSE DOWN THE SHORE?!?!1!? Brother, I been sucking up to the wrong people, and I've been treating you all wrong!

But all that changes today, I promise!

When should I head down? I'll bring beeeeeeeerrrrrrr ...

Man, I'd kill for an 8:05 pace in a 5k!

Laurel said...

I love the photo tour. I was thinking about doing this race this year before I signed up for the National. Maybe next year. Now I know what to expect.

You're going to rock it next weekend. Look at your splits!

Glad you got to cross the bridge!

Ted said...

Thanks for the photo tour! I am crossing my fingers and toes that you guys have terrific weather this Sunday. I know you will ROCK. I cannot wait to read the post race report. BTW, your pace is a killer.

sRod said...

Nice work on the trial run!

What camera do you use? Because the only camera I've ever felt safe running with is a disposeable one.

Anonymous said...

You were lucky! I live in the Crest and ran the causeway almost daily during the 2 weeks the bridge was closed. Most of the time, the bridge was straight up in the air!

Hope you had a great race yesterday.

ShoreTurtle said...

I predict that you'll finish in an hour and twenty minutes at a 8:03 pace...