Monday, March 30, 2009


Sunday was the 10th Ocean Drive 10 miler, part of the Ocean Drive Marathon.

The weather was doom and gloom for the past week. They called for rain, with a chance of thunderstorms, high for the day topping out around 67, in the low 50's for the start,but the good part was winds out of the south. That means no 10 miles of headwinds!

The weather report was almost spot on. The storms came through Saturday nite, and it was fogging, with a mist at the start.

I had Shoreturtle spend the nite at our place in Wildwood, so he wouldn't have to travel the 1:45mins from home, before the race. My sister in law came in from Boston, to do the race. She had done a few smaller races, 1-2 milers, and 5k's, in the past, but this was her 1st 10 miler, and she trained this winter for the run. I was nervous/excited for her.

I took her and my oldest son out for a ride Saturday, to show her the course, so she would know what to expect.
We got up early Sunday, and headed to the finish, where we got on the bus to Cape May, and met up with JoyRun .
We hung inside at the Congress Hall Hotel, to keep warm before the race. It was nice to hang there, and talk running with the gang, and watch the other runners, both 10 milers and marathoners prepare for the race.
We waited inside until about the last possible minute.

It was cold at the start, and I made a last minute decision to keep the pullover on.. not a good choice!

As the race started, we took off, and as usual for me, as much as I tried to start slow, I went out too fast. I had a right side stitch for the first few miles. I did the 1st mile in 7:50 & mile 2 in 7:32.
I wanted to stick around an 8min pace. I need to work on a slower start to the longer races.

Shoreturtle caught me and flew by around the 3-1/2 mile mark. We both asked how the other was doing, and off he went. I had him in my sight for the next few miles, but lost him when we reached Wildwood Crest.

I realized at about the 2 mile mark, that I should have listened to my gut, and ran without the pullover. It was warming up quickly, and I didn't want to "overheat" like I had done at the Ugly Mudder.

I had a talked to my wife as to where she would be with the boys. If the weather was bad, she was going to be at the hotel at our corner, under cover. If they weren't there, they would be at the finish line. As I hit the 8 mile mark, I took off my jacket, and was going to hand it off to her, but since they weren't there, I hid it under a dumpster at the hotel. I knew it would be safe there.

Man I felt so much better after ditching the jacket. I had a bounce back in my step. The only negative was that the calf that was acting up this past week, was starting again.

I pushed through it, and wanted to finish strong. When we made the turn off Atlantic Ave, onto Pine Ave, and headed towards the boardwalk, our old pal the wind was kicking! It was like year's past, running into the wind. Luckily it was only for 2 short shore blocks.
As I got onto the boards, I started to kick the best I could. As I got closer to the finish, I saw my wife, boys and her father waiting there, cheering us on. I saw that my son had made signs to cheer us on, and that was an awesome sight.
I finished the 10th mile in 7:51, not my fastest mile of the race, but a nice finish.
I met up with Charlie, and congratulated him on his race, and headed up to watch for Joy & Ami to finish.

My sister in law gave my wife a heart attack. As we were waiting and cheering on the runners, her phone rings, and it was Ami. Crazy sis-in-law called to tell her she was hitting the boardwalk.

That was too funny.

We spotted Ami, and I glanced back at the clock, and saw she could beat her goal of 1:40.

With us cheering her on, she pushed it to the finish, and crossed the line at 1:38:42 ! She did awesome. She had said she left a little in the tank, and I couldn't have been prouder of her. She did her work this winter, and it paid off.

She is talking about trying a 1/2 marathon this fall.

It was a great day and race. I knocked over 10mins off my time from last year. I think the wind had something to do with that.

1:20:27 (8:00min avg.)
76th overall
13/62 age div.
  1. 7:50
  2. 7:31
  3. 7:57
  4. 7:51
  5. 8:15
  6. 8:18
  7. 8:12
  8. 8:10
  9. 8:06
  10. 7:51


Chic Runner said...

Wow! Congrats on a great race, and brrrrr it seems cold there! Did your pull over stay safe? :) Congrats again!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Killer pace, brother! Way to go!

Congrats to you and the whole crew!

Denise said...

CONGRATS! You all did so well. Your sister kicked butt!

Sonia said...

Congrats on a great race!! Crazy fast pace!!

It is so hard to start slower with all that race adrenaline! Good idea to ditch the jacket, over heating is a recipe for disaster.

Glad your sister in law had a good race, she called to say: eh cheering squad get loud I'm coming!! LOL

Marci said...

Great pics! Great finish time too! Congratulations to you all.

hurley said...

Nice job...I have a feeling I'm going to have a hard time keeping up with both you and Charlie in the local summer races this year! Tell your sister in law that "Hurley" said CONGRATS too! ;)

SuperDave said...

You knocked 10 minutes off last years time, Holy Crap!! That's a mile a minute. I'm thinking that the jacket that you wanted off gave you some air-time. haha

joyRuN said...

I didn't even think of the wind helping me PR! I thought it was my awesome legs :)

Oh well - it was great meeting up with you guys!

See you at NJM?

Sneaker Sister said...

Wow! Niiiiccceee job! Like I've said before, you are seriously kicking some butt this year. I am the same way when shedding clothing, it always makes running so much easier.

Congrats again!

PS- you still have me on your blogroll under Going The Distance but the new blog is located at now.

Ted said...

Must be your killer kicks that doing the tricks! I am glad the weather held up. Way to go Flyers! You sure flew on air with this one. Now, go and sign up for the Asbury Park Half Marathon. I will be there.

Anonymous said...

Yo Bill!
Great time! Thanks for the hospitality, and it was so great to meet and get to know Joyrun and my fav Turtleman! I hope to start with you in Oct. at the Phili!
ps- Tell 'Hurley' he is my idol and i love his name (sorry hurley!!)
Thanks to your blogger buds for the support and kind words.
keep up the great pace! you have done wonders this past year!
love ya!

Vava said...

Great race and report. Thanks! And congrats to your SIL for a milestone distance and time. I'm signed up for a 10 miler in July and am looking forward to trying that distance. And I sympathize with you and that weather since the race I did this Sunday was also hit pretty hard.

BommaMama said...

Sounds like a really fun run Bill - you all did amazing. Congrats!!

BommaMama said...

PS - how is the calf after "pushing through" whatever it was doing during the run? Fine I hope!

Michelle said...

Congrats on a spectacular race!!!


sRod said...

Nice job--especially in that nasty weather!!

N.D. said...

wait - I totally didn't get a medal - is that from this year?! ABout mile 2 was when I took off my pants and ran with shorts the rest of the way. It did warm up quick, but the wind kept it balmy. Great job for all of you!