Sunday, February 1, 2009

A weekend of running on the Trails of Clayton Park & the shore of Long Branch

It was a busy weekend of running. I did 2 group runs.

It started early Saturday morning, when I ran the iced over trails of Clayton Park, with the Hamilton Area Trail Runners. We only did 5 miles, but they were a handful.

It was 18 deg, when I left to meet the group at 6:30am, and with the wind, it didn't warm up any. The trails where an icy mess! We had a group of 8, with two new runners to the group. I hope they didn't get scared off.

Hopefully next weekend, the trails will be in better shape. It was my 1st time running at Clayton, and looks like a great place to trail run, if there isn't an ice issue.

5.01 miles 58:00 mins

On Sunday, Shoreturtle & I headed down to Long Branch, to meet up with Progman2000 & Joyrun , to run part of the NJ Marathon course. Prog had 14 miles to run, and nothing beats running at the shore. The 1st Sunday of every month, the Jersey Shore Road Runners Club meet and do a training run, in preparation for the NJ Marathon in May.

It was a nice balmy day, compared to yesterday's icy trail run. It felt like it was in the 30's, with a slight ocean breeze.
The JSRRC had set up a few water stops along the course, and we ran into LarrytheLighthouse at one of the stops.Larry had on what appeared to be a pair of gold 70's era disco shorts on.

It was a pretty scenic course, and always fun to run at the shore.

I can tell you that this course was similar to Philly's marathon course, as it was very flat. We ran a few slight hills, but nothing that bad.

It was nice to meet fellow blogger Joy, who hung in there with us, and looks to be well on her way to have a great NJ Marathon experience. It was good company and nice to settle in to a relaxed pace, and log some miles, after the past few weeks of helter skelter trail running.

My apologies to Joy, for not getting her in this picture. Progman looks to have his head in the clouds.

This was my longest run since the marathon in Nov, and I felt tired but good after it was done.

13.80 miles 2:14:03 (9:43 avg)

Mile / Time

1 9:13

2 9:47

3 10:00

4 10:20

5 9:59

6 10:17

7 9:58

8 10:07

9 9:59

10 9:35

11 9:08

12 9:46

13 8:56

.80 6:52


Sonia said...

People wearing shorts! Now that's nice! And no snow on the ground, even nicer!

Good job on the half-marathon training run!

Jill said...

Looks like it was a really nice run down at the shore. Makes me want to meet up with you guys! It must feel nice getting a decent long run in after so long. I can't wait until I get back there, hopefully in a month or so.

Michelle said...

Great job!!

Looks like fun to run in a group and on trails!!!


Progman2000 said...

I am pretty committed to getting a running camera now. And I will make sure it's smaller and got more megapixels than your's and the turtles. Just because.

Thanks for coming out.

joyRuN said...

It's all good! I think that's my @$$ in the first pic :)

Marcy said...

Dude!! Looks like a fantastic time! Whoot!

ShoreTurtle said...

I saw you a lot this weekend! We had two good runs. The ice run was absurd. It was cool to run on the marathon course.

Chic Runner said...

Those pictures are great! thanks for sharing. It looks so fun to get out with other runners and run, and I love the gold shorts. :)

SuperDave said...

Look like a lot of fun. It's great to have a good running group. It makes time pass by. You didn't beat up Joy too bad did you? haha

Blyfinn said...

I really need to get some more running buddies around here.s

akshaye said...

Shorts in that sort of weather.. crazy. Nice 13 miler

Marci said...

Thanks for sharing pics, great job on the 13 miler!

sRod said...

Double duty weekend? I can't even imagine. I think I'd die.