Friday, February 6, 2009

5 miles in frigid Veteran's Park.

Our crazy roller coaster East Coast winter was back to the frigid side.
I ran 5 miles in Veteran's Park, Thursday, with temps in the low 20's and the wind whipping around. I was always one that enjoyed the cold, but I hate the damn winds. When you run into the wind, it just seems to zap you of all your energy.

I can't wait for Spring! I did see one other runner, and told him come spring we'll be reaping the benefits of running this winter.

5 miles (41:54 / 8:22 avg.)

Funny thing, my pal Shoreturtle had the same idea, and ran in Veteran's Park. I must have just missed him.

On tap this weekend, will be another trail run with the group on Saturday, and I might get out on my own for a long run on Sunday.


joyRuN said...

I'll ask the same thing I asked ShoreTurtle - wasn't that too cold!?!!

Denise said...

Weekend is going to be warm! I'm hoping I feel better so I can get in a nice long run.

Vava said...

Nice going, and yet again a great pace! That wind training will help in addition to the cold winter miles, so it's not all bad. Just think positive about that wind and make it your friend (though I'm with you and really dislike the wind as well).

BeachRunner said...

Nice run in the icey cold.

Michelle said...

Hey dude have a great weekend running!!!

Be careful and have fun!!!

Laurel said...

I had a very similar-looking 7 miler today. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice though! :)

Blyfinn said...

I keep telling myself the same thing regarding running in the cold. It better pay off come spring.