Wednesday, February 25, 2009

5 Mile Loop

I've felt like crap the last few days, and got to thinking today, that I would run the crappyness out of my system. One thing I hate, is that crappy winter sickness that seems to get us all at one point or another. I've been od'ing on vitamin C & Tylenol, and have taken zinc the past 2 days. At this point, all I have left is the 30yr smoker cough & the Flem is brings up. Soo... out the door today to run!
It was warm enough to run in shorts, my best guess is maybe it was close to 50deg, with a slight breeze, when I ran later this afternoon. I wanted to run 5 miles, so I did a loop from home to Mercer County Park, and back. I felt pretty good, considering how bad I felt during the Ugly Mudder. I think the hill at the race helped today. Running a pretty flat course seemed really easy after those hills!
Please check out the HamiltonAreaTrailRuns group blog, for some more detail about the Mudder, and some great pictures.
Anyway back to the run, it was nice to run in some decent weather, and I can't wait for spring to get here! It was a relatively uneventful run. No craziness going on anywhere, but that was ok by me.
I ran the 5 miles in 41:21, and negative split the last 2 miles.
If I fell good tomorrow, I might just get out there again, and try and add a mile or 2.

41:21 (8:15 avg.)

1 8:26
2 8:28
3 8:31
4 8:09
5 7:43


SuperDave said...

Nice pace for feeling like crap.
You are going to have a great running year. You didn't take any time off through the winter which means the rest of the year will be PR smashing time!

joyRuN said...

Congrats on Ugly Mudder! I saw the pics over at HamiltonAreaTrailRuns - that course really did look like an ugly mudder.

Nothing like a good run to beat the rest of that phlegm out of you.

Laurel said...

The warmer weather is great. It's supposed to be GREAT this weekend!

Nice job on the run. Hope you're feeling 10% soon.

Blyfinn said...

I tend to always want to try and run the sickness out of me also. Great minds thinks alike.

hurley said...

Sorry to hear you're still feeling like crap...nice pace though! I saw you today as you were crossing over Flock but unfortunately I was on my way to work. Feel better soon and hopefully I'll see you Saturday!

BeachRunner said...

Damn you. You are speedy fast, even when you feel like crap. Nice job. I plan on finally getting out there tomorrow to see what I can do.

Vava said...

Yeah, I agree with those who are impressed with your pace, whether feeling crappy or not! Hope you turned the corner and can hit Spring full force as it's just around the corner!

Ted said...

you smoked for 30 years ?? 30 years?? I can't picture you with a ciggie like a Marlboro Man!

I don't know how you can run well when you are feeling crap. When I am feeling crappy, I run like s**t.

sRod said...

Sometimes all you need is a run to get back to kickstart the immune system.