Thursday, February 26, 2009

8 Mile Thursday!

I got out for a run after work today, and did 8 miles. It was about the same weather wise, temps in the low 50's, and overcast, with not much wind. That's 2 days in a row, in shorts! Just think, daylight savings time is only a little over a week away!
I probably should have not run as long, since my lungs were killing me afterwards.
I can't friggin stand coughing, and it seems like that is all I do. I figured I'd run the cough out of my system. I guess it doesn't work that way. I had that burning feeling in the lungs afterwards, and it took a little while for it to go away. Guess I should know better than to push it when I'm not 100%.
I did a longer loop, similar to Wednesday's Mercer County Park loop. For as nice as the weather was, I only passed one other runner. I kept a nice even pace, and like yesterday, I wanted to end with negative splits.
For as crappy as I felt the past few days, I think the worst is behind me.
I'll take off Friday, and if I feel better, I will hit the trails Saturday morning with the group.

8 miles (1:10:18 8:47avg.)

Mile /Time
1 8:42
2 8:48
3 8:49
4 8:51
5 9:05
6 8:57
7 8:49
8 8:14


Laurel said...

Is Daylight Savings REALLY that close? I thought it wasn't until April? That's awesome news!

Nice run! Hope you're cough is feeling a little better.

Blyfinn said...

Good job with picking up the pace. I hope you are able to shake the cough soon.

Denise said...

I *NEED* daylight savings!!!

My husband has a nagging cough, too. Hope yours goes away soon!

Vava said...

Great run, and thanks for the heads up on the daylight savings switchover! I'm not sure, but I think I would have forgotten and then I'd end up being late or early, whichever way it works... Oh yeah, "Spring Forward", so we lose and hour. DAMN!

To quote Homer Simpson: "Lousy farmers."

Michelle said...

Good job dude!!!

Be careful with that cough OK???

How was your trail run today???

ShoreTurtle said...

Hey Dude. You did a good job sticking it out on the trail run. I hope that you're feeling better.

Sonia said...

Thanks for informing me that DST is right around the corner! That really makes my day. I am so tired of the darkness at 4PM!

Great job on the 8 miler =)

sRod said...

I can't wait until I get more sunlight in the morning. I can finally get back to the track.

Anonymous said...

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