Sunday, February 8, 2009

A weekend of temperature extremes!

What a difference between the 2 days.

Let's start with Saturday. I got out at 7:00am, and met up with the trailruns group. The temp was 11.5 deg F, when I left the house. Another frigid trail run! I just keep thinking that running in these temps will payoff come Spring.

It was a good run, and Nate, our "leader", pushed us on a few hills. I didn't feel all that good on this run, and didn't have anything for the last 1/4-1/2 mile kick.

I was glad I got out and did the run. I'm still undecided if I am going to do the UglyMudder trail race.

The Garmin had the run at 7.11 miles, but I missed about a 1/2 mile as it tried to find the satellites.

7.11 miles (1:10.02)

Now Sunday was the total opposite of Saturday!

I went for a run around 11:00am. I wanted to run about 10 miles, so I headed towards Mercer County Park. It was awesome out! The thermometer read 61deg F, when I left. Yup you read that correctly, 61 ! What a difference from the frigid Sat. run! I was actually able to run in shorts!

I felt a lot better running today, than Saturday. Maybe it was the weather. For the 1st 1/2, I didn't realize I had the wind at my back. When I hit the park, man it was windy. The gusts where really strong around the lake. The paths that were ice covered only 24 hours earlier, where bone dry. These conditions will resemble the OceanDrive 10 miler. Very gusty for the 2nd half. The winds did slow me down.

When I got home, my oldest son took a picture of my unusual running attire. I had my long sleeve pullover off the arms. It was warm!

10 miles 1:26:18 (8:37 avg)

Mile / Time

1 8:06
2 8:12
3 8:05
4 8:06
5 8:38
6 8:49
7 8:45
8 9:25
9 9:04
10 9:01


Progman2000 said...

Kind of funny - I did 7 on Saturday and 10 on Sunday as well. I was also out in MCP on Saturday with my kids (around 2:00pm though, long after you dudes were there).

akshaye said...

That's quite a change in conditions! We went from the 20's last week to somewhere in the low 70's today. Cant wait for spring

joyRuN said...

Sounds like a great weekend of running.

It was windy up on the boards yesterday too.

Vava said...

I also enjoyed the warmer weather this weekend, though it didn't quite reach the balmy temperatures here as in your neck of the woods.

Also, your pace is impressive. You must be thinking BQ. Go for it!!!

BommaMama said...

Sounds like there was much more running going on for this trail run than there was last week when I went (which to me felt more like "don't slip, don't slip, don't slip" careful foot placement than running)! I may come out this Saturday to do the trails unless the hubby and I decide to do the cupid's chase:

Denise said...

Weather was crazy this wknd, definitely gave me spring fever!

BeachRunner said...

Nice runs. Expect more crazy weather swing shiz for the next few months. But it WILL get better.

Ted said...

Hey dude.... the weather appears quite schizophrenic! I have to say that the weather yesterday was phenomenal besides the gutsy winds.

Looks like you are making nice strides!!!

Blyfinn said...

I seem to have severe different runs on back to back days all the time. I don't truly understand it.

Michelle said...

Wow you done good!!!

Such great pace for a 10 miler!!! Terrific!!!

hurley said...

Nice work this weekend. I can't remember the last time I got to run two days in a row...or in a week for that matter. Say, btw, I already signed you up for the Ugly Mudder so you can't back out now! :)

Erin Leigh said...

The weather was insane. Glad you got out there and were able to enjoy the warm!!

M*J*C said...

Sounds like you've been enjoying the temperatures, both frigid and "warm"! Your trail runs look great, I can't wait to get back out there!
Thanks for stopping by with the encouraging words!

sRod said...

Running around these parts too has been easier with the weather change. Nice work!