Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A quick 6 in the park.

I got out of work and headed over to Veteran's Park, to get 6 miles in.
I didn't feel as sore as I thought I would, after the Chilly Cheeks race. I was expecting to be sore all over, but I really wasn't.
The weather was not bad, overcast, little wind, and temps in the low 30's.
There weren't many people out in the park. I saw one other runner, who must have thought it was summer, as he was in shorts, a tech t-shirt, and visor. Crazy..
Anyway, I just wanted to get out, and put in some miles.
Nice thing is I think the ankle injury is behind me. I survived that insane trail race, pain free, and really haven't felt anything in the ankle for a few weeks, so hopefully the tendinitis is gone.
It was nice to get out and run a relaxed pace.
The rest of the week looks like a park run on Thursday, trails with the group on Sat, and meeting up with Ted & Progman, and running part of the NJ Marathon course with those guys.
I think Shoreturtle is joining us also.
6 mile 51:38 (8:36 avg.)

Mile / Time
1 8:41
2 8:26
3 8:46
4 8:35
5 8:30
6 8:35


Blyfinn said...

That is great news regarding the ankle issue is hopefully gone. I think that last race you did proved it if you made it through all of that fine.

X-Country2 said...

That's a very well-deserved recovery run! (Great race report and pic, btw.)

joyRuN said...

"Relaxed pace", huh?

Glad to hear your ankle's feeling better. I saw one of the runners in shorts a couple of weeks ago on the boardwalk. In low 30-deg weather. Maybe his leg fur kept him warm.

Vava said...

That's a really quick relaxed pace! Nice work, and glad to hear the ankle woes are a thing of the past.

BeachRunner said...

Nicely done.

Ted said...

Those relaxed pace are sure fast! Glad to hear that your ankle doing nicely. I was wondering since you were doing the trail running.

See you Sunday!! Looks like the weather will be quite favorable and a little bit warmer than Philadelphia Marathon last November.

Michelle said...

WOOHOO! I am happy your ankle is all healed up!!!


Have fun this weekend!!

akshaye said...

Very nice splits.. they definitely show up weren't sore!