Thursday, November 27, 2008

7 Mile Trail Run Turkey Trot

First, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Now, it's been a few days since the marathon, and the legs felt almost back to normal.
Funny, after running 5 days a week since July, I kinda missed it the last 3 days.
I got an email earlier in the week, from Bill, a running buddy who I ran the PDR with back in Sept. He had a group of runners that were going to meet and run on Thanksgiving morning, an out and back on the trails in Mercer County Park. He assured me it was going to be a nice easy run, around 10 min miles.
I felt good on Wednesday, and decided to meet up and run. They had planned it to be about a 6 mile run, which was fine with me.
I met the group at 6:45am , and there was a couple of runners who had just did the 1/2 marathon, and one guy who did New York, and he did it in 3:18! It was a nice mix of runners.
Before we took off, the group did some push-ups to warm up the muscles. Most did 50. I stopped at 25. Memo to self... need to work on the upper body.
We headed out and ran parts of MCP that I didn't know about. I never knew there was a dam, but I do now. We attacked some hills, and even did 2 wind sprints up a hill around the marina. I wasn't expecting this type of run, but it felt good.
It was a great run, everyone pulling each other along.
When we got out of the trails, at the end of our run, we had about 1/2 mile of asphalt paths to run, and our "leader" said open it up and see how you do, so I stuck around the front of the pack, and it was fun. I'm sure if it was any longer, I would have faded nicely.
It was a nice relaxing run, FOR FUN!!
I think I will be fine to run a 5k race next Saturday morning, with Shoreturtle.
1:06:44 6:86 miles (9:43 min/mile pace)

Mile / Time
1 10:08
2 9:49
3 10:11
4 9:51
5 9:57
6 9:32
.86 7:13


ShoreTurtle said...

That sounds like fun. Sorry that I missed it. I did enjoy sleeping in this morning. The redhead and I did a turkey trot around the neighborhood.

I'm glad that you're doing well after the marathon.

Darrell said...

Happy Thanksgiving.

Group runs are great. I loved the "would have faded nicely" line.

Denise said...

I actually miss running every day, too! I've been doing other cardio and it's just not the same. Think I might go for a run today and tomorrow it's back to my Saturday fun runs with the club...I can't wait!

Ted said...

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. Looks like you had a nice and relaxing run.

Now listen up, what's your #2 Marathon going to be? NJ Marathon ??

Vava said...

What a great way to start Thanksgiving! Great stuff, and keep up the terrific running.

SuperDave said...

Nothing like hooking up with a few good fast runners. It will inspire you to run faster and train harder.

Blyfinn said...

I love the relaxed fun runs. No pressure at all. Group runs are the best also.

Laurel said...

Happy Thanksgiving...(belated).

I have been so lazy since last Sunday. I need to get back out there and do something!

BeachRunner said...

Happy belated bird day, homie.

Erin Leigh said...

That did sound like a great run!!

X-Country2 said...

That sounds like a great run! What a fun way to spend the morning.