Thursday, November 6, 2008

The last of the Wednesday 8 milers....

The countdown is on... Since I began training for Philly in July, my Wednesday's usually contained an 8 mile run.
Here is the breakdown of my last 15 Wednesdays:
8 - 8 milers
3 - 7 milers
4 - rest days

That is pretty wild when you look at it. If I look back, I'm sure that most of the 7's & 8's where over the scheduled mileage. I might just have to look that stat up at a later date.
My run was again in Mercer County Park. It was around 60's deg, but with that misty dreary rain. I tried to go slow, and relax, since I pushed it a bit Tuesday nite. Yea, right.
I guess with where I am at, I want to run around a 9 min mile pace, and try to, believe me. I don't want to burn out, with less than 3 weeks to go.
I started out right on pace, a 9:07 first mile. Perfect, now just keep it up for another 7, and cross this run off the plan.
Well, I picked up the pace, and ran between 8:45 - 8:36 min miles between miles 2-7. I know so much for slowing down.
When I hit the 7 mile mark, I had just run a 8:36 mile, so why not see how fast I could run the last mile. To quote Forest Gump "Stupid is as stupid does.". I blew out mile 8 in 7:30! Why I needed to do that, I have no idea. I felt great, and just went for it.

OK, now for my daily soapbox item...
In Mercer County Park, I run on an asphalt trail, that winds through the park. It takes you along the lake, thru woods, ect..
This is a picture from the Run for Dad. You can see the asphalt path.

It is a very popular course, with many runners, walkers, cyclists. Many even walk their dogs, so if they walk their dogs, why the heck can't they pick up after them? I must have narrowly avoided 5-6 piles of dog crap during my run. I mean come on people, if your dog goes on the asphalt, pick it the heck up! I know it's dog poop, and not other animals, having had dogs since I was 10, I know dog poop when I see it, or almost run thru it!
It just amazes me the inconsideration of some lazy people. I have seen owners pick up after their dogs on this path many times. I have walked our dogs here, and picked up after them, and that was when they go in the grass, so I would love to know why someone wouldn't pick up after their pets on the pavement? It just makes no sense to me. OK, I'm done ranting now.

Anyway I feel really good about where I am at psychically, and just keeping my fingers crossed to maintain, as Nov 23rd grows closer everyday.

Another 6 miler on tap today. Hopefully the rain will be over before I run tonite.

8 miles 1:08:42

Mile/ Time
1 9:07
2 8:43
3 8:45
4 8:39
5 8:37
6 8:41
7 8:36
8 7:30


joyRuN said...

Go on with your speedy self! We're still more than 2 weeks out, so what's a little 7:30??

Anonymous said...

nice! 7:30- who000hooooo!
dont slip in any poooo!
Slow and steady wins the race 2+ weeks and counting! keep up the great work!

Vava said...

Nice run, and a fast finish! About the dog crap, I am so with you - I don't own a dog because I feel it is undignified to pick shit up after an animal. However, if I did own a dog, I WOULD DO IT!!! Also, I find dog owners slack off huge in the fall (when the leaves hide the crap) and the winter (snow, same reason). It makes for a real ugly spring on the sidewalks and paths, and always pisses me off.

ncrunner12 said...

Dude I can't wait for your race, it really sounds like you're ready for it. I know one thing that happened to me was the week before I got spooked and didn't think I trained enough... don't let that happen to you, stay confident you've done an awesome job on your training.

lazy ass people and not picking up dog poo kill me... I hate when I find it in my backyard and I have to go ninja style to find out who it's from.

Progman2000 said...

Nice work - they always say as you taper you should cut back the mileage but not the intensity. Just make sure you don't start too fast on Nov. 23rd, that will be a real challenge for a speedster like yourself.

One of the many reasons I don't own a dog is I don't want to walk behind it with a baggy - very inconsiderate indeed of these people in MCP (what kind of trailer trash live in your area man :) )

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

If I might just piggyback on your rant for a moment, and tilt its axis a bit ...

What's with random pedestrians who yell at the people who do pick up after their dogs? On more than one occasion, as I stood there, plastic baggy CLEARLY in hand, waiting for the dog to finish, um, reading the headlines, so to speak, people have passed by and yelled at me: "Pick up after your dog!"

'the F*CK do you think I am doing, D*ckcheese?

I've waved the plastic bag at these people and yelled back, taking out all the other plastic baggies I keep squirreled away about my person in case the dog decided to go more than once and so I won't be caught without a bag to pick up with.

"Do you think I carry all of these as some sort of fetishistic FASHION STATEMENT?" I have been known to, um ... scream is the best word, I guess.

"I always pick up after my dog. Not sometimes; not most times: ALWAYS! If you stepped in dog sh*t, go find the person who left it and yell at HIM! Hell, I'll yell WITH you, because that is disgusting. Just don't yell at me because I'm handy and happen to be around when you want to get on your hobbyhorse."

Geez. I think I just stole your soapbox, Flyers26. Here: Have it back. I promise, there's no dog sh*t on it.

BeachRunner said...

Another great run my friend. You are ready, just don't step in any dog$hit before race day.

Blyfinn said...

I'm guilty of doing the very same thing on my runs. If all is going well why not push it a little?

I agree with Progman.. what kind of loses live out there?

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice run!! And I hear ya about the poo all over the place! Pick up your dog's poo, people!!

Or we might have to do what Jim Carrey did in "Me, Myself, and Irene!" I'd do that if I needed to...


Darrell said...

It is a heck of a lot of fun to just go for it sometimes. One mile this far out is cool.

Laurel said...

I almost broke my neck today when I slipped on dog poop that was hidden underneath wet leaves. It was scary...and now my shoes are covered in sh*t!

I was laughing reading about your run. "Why not see how fast I can blow out that last mile...?" LOL! I have been doing that too, although nowhere near as FAST as you!

Denise said...

I saw your screen name and had to check out your blog. See you're running Philly, too. This will be my first marathon...2 weeks from today!! I can't wait!