Saturday, November 15, 2008

4 on the floor, or is it the street!

Today was a very warm & windy day here in NJ.

My thermometer read 70deg, when I went for my 4 miler at around 2:00pm this afternoon.

I waited out the rain, and was glad I did. It was really warm & windy, gusty winds up around 25mph, if I had to guess.

I ran the 4 miles in a quick 33:04. I really wasn't aided by the wind. It was kind of a cross wind, for the most part.

Here are the stats, as the countdown to the marathon is at 4 runs to go.

Sunday is the last 10miler, and if things work out, I might have a guest former marathoner along for the fun. Hmm.. wonder who it could be??
Mile / Time
1 8:21
2 8:31
3 8:18
4 7:53


SuperDave said...

The Shoreturtle show up where you least expect it. haha

joyRuN said...

Have a great 10-miler tomorrow :)

Blyfinn said...

Hope you and Shoreturtle have a blast. I'm sending out good vibes due to the marathon coming up fast.

Laurel said...

Have fun with Shoreturtle on your run tomorrow. One week to go!!!

sRod said...

Yesterday wasn't too nice around here. But today is gorgeous. Good luck out there.