Sunday, November 2, 2008

22.62 mile run!

Today was the last of the 20mile plus runs! Thank GOD!
While it has been fun leading up to this point, I am glad they are a thing of the past. It is quite an accomplishment, to be able to run for almost 3-1/2 hours, but I'll be just as happy to run a nice comfortable 6-8 miles!
It was a bit windy at 5:00am, when I left, and about 42deg outside.
My goal for this run, was to see if I could run at marathon pace, to gage if I could do this in the 4 -4 1/2 hour range.
I also planned the same basic route I did for my previous 20+ mile training runs.
The wind was a kinda cross breeze for most of the run. There were the few times, I had to run into it, and also benefited from having it at my back.
It was a pretty uneventful run, from the standpoint of not have a rotty chase me, or having cyclists come up out of nowhere. I did have a deer scare the crap out of me, around where the rotty came from. The deer came from the woods, on my right, about 10-20 yards in front of me, and ran right into what was a corn field the last time I ran past it. Man those deer have some jump in their step!
I hit the 13.2 mark at almost exactly 2hours. I felt really good, and was hoping that by running the 1st half at a pretty good clip, I wouldn't bonk the last 9 miles.
During the last 9 miles, I felt the hamstrings tighten up. Any tips on how to avoid this? I always seemed to have had this problem, in my longer runs, when it's cooler out.
When I got closer to home, I took a little longer way, because I felt decent, hamstring issues and all, and probably added an extra 1/4 mile or so. It might not seem like much, adding a 1/4, but after 22 miles, I figured it would only help my confidence race day, knowing I had run over 22-1/2 in training.
It's hard to believe, that this journey, to run a marathon, that started back in late June, is just about over. From deciding to do it, putting in some base mileage, picking a training plan, and actually starting the training in late July, it's amazing how far I have come.

3:24:39 22.62 miles (9:02 min/mile avg.)


1 9:04 min
2 9:12 min
3 9:20 min
4 9:19 min
5 9:17 min
6 9:11 min
7 9:06 min
8 9:04 min
9 9:05 min
10 8:57 min
11 8:57 min
12 8:48 min
13 8:49 min
14 8:42 min
15 9:04 min
16 9:01 min
17 8:46 min
18 8:51 min
19 8:48 min
20 9:05 min
21 9:11 min
22 9:10 min
.62 5:42 min


Blyfinn said...

wow, you actually picked up you pace in the last half of the run. That's awesome! The only advice that I have for the hamstrings is to possibly start a salt intake for longer runs. That's what I was told and I have not had any issues since. It might be all in my head but I don't care I'll take it.

joyRuN said...

Great pacing on that long-a** run! No rotties to keep things interesting - what a bonus :)

Vava said...

Nice work! You're so ready for that marathon, and even though I have never run anywhere near this distance, I can identify with you assessment on the nice 6-8 mile runs!

Darrell said...

Wonderfully consistent pace! This will serve you well on race day and without the distractions of rotts, bikes and deers race day should be rather uneventful. 8-)

SuperDave said...

I still completely awstruck(sp?) by the training it takes to run a marathon.
I just wonder, Have you thought about running 26.2 before? I noticed that most running plans call for 20-22 as last run. I've always thought that was a bit odd?
Then again what do I know??
Great running and pace!

BeachRunner said...

Wow, you are so ready for this. If I haven't already mentioned it, I want to say how impressed I am with your training and discipline. Great job.

Progman2000 said...

Great job - nice splits. I remarked to ShoreTurtle before the start of our 10k that it was a beautiful day to be running a 20 miler. Enjoy your taper madness!

Laurel said...

Wow, great pace!!! You are going to do so great!

As far as the hamstrings go...not sure if you're wearing shorts or pants/tights when it's cooler out, but my old PT always advised me to wear pants when I run to keep my legs warm because they always tightened up as well.

I sometimes sit with a heating pad on my legs/lower back to keep my muscles loosened up during the day. All this has seemed to help me this time around.

Also, make sure you are not flushing too sodium out with water. More Gatorade or salt, maybe?

KimsRunning said...

Hey, very nice training run, great pace!

I found out the two times I didn't have a Slim Fast and a banana before a long run had my calfs freakin out. Who knows if my concoction is the real reason, but like "blyfinn" says...."I don't care, I'll take it"

Good luck with your first marathon. What an experience it is!!

Anonymous said...

All in ALL,,,what else is there for lil ol me to say- GREAT JOB! ah man- you DID IT (well, you know what i mean... almost!!) nice work and fantastic pacing. i mean... you are officially ready! what a great accomplishment, looking back to July. seriously though.. watch those hammies... i would look into electrolyte (esp. postassium & sodium)consumption.. and take suggestions from the others.... we want you in tip top shape :)
nice pics of the parade. bytheway... was Brett Myers riding in some sort of Smart car or something??? :)

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Great last pre-marathon long run! Next Stop: The Show!

Here's hoping game day is a perfect 52 degrees, sunny (but not too) and just breezy enough to keep you cool while in the sun.

I see you also made it to the Phillies' parade. Good on ya! I live a little farther north in Jersey than you do and, up here, far as I could tell, no one was rooting for the Phils. I think they were all still kinda in shock over the Mets.

When the Phillies won, I had no one to celebrate with. I had to call my brother in Philadelphia to celebrate long-distance. He said that out in the Art Museum area, where he lives, it was pretty dead also - right in the heart of the city!

Whatever happened to showing a city how much you love it by tearing it to shreds like a band of marauding Visigoths after your team takes the title? Isn't love measured in increments of mayhem?

Best of luck with the marathon, brother.

akshaye said...

Those splits look incredible. You are so ready.. good luck for the big one!