Friday, November 7, 2008

Running the marathon for a cause.

Back during the summer, I spoke with my neighbor, Kelly Rouba, a 28yr old, who has had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA), for basically her entire life. You would never know she has this ailment, with all she does, and has accomplished in her life to date. She has done many thing to bring attention to her ailment, and is currently writing a book about herself, and living with JRA. She was just recently Miss Wheelchair NJ, and has spoke to the local elementary school about JRA.
Here is a nice article about Kelly:

We got to talking about my running the Philadelphia Marathon, and I told her of ways that the running community raises funds for different causes, and that if she was interested, to let me know if I could help her in any way.
Well, she got a hold of an organization that she is heavily involved with, the Arthritis National Research Foundation (ANRF). This foundation uses .91cents of every dollar raised towards their research. I don't know many places that have that type of commitment to research. They contacted me, and we spoke about my running, and I decided to offer my assistance to Kelly's cause.
She has gotten us some press, in one of the local papers here in Hamilton, and on a website for people with Arthritis, called Creaky Joints.
I have been pretty low key about this, here.
Here is a link to the article on Creaky Joints.
Feel free to check it out, and there is a link to the ANFR, in the article, if anyone is interested in donating.

I figure if I am fortunate to be able to run, why not try and help out those less fortunate.


Vava said...

Great idea! My Mom was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis this year. I'm sure you will not only help this great cause, but also feel an extra sense of accomplishment when you finish your first marathon as a result.

Progman2000 said...

Wow, that's great man. Makes you realize how much we take our ability to run these things for granted. Good job.

Blyfinn said...

You realize that makes you a hero to many people for the efforts that you are doing to help them. God bless.

BeachRunner said...

Wow that is so nice. Bravo homie. Who knew that a Flyers and Phils fan could be such a decent guy? Did you trip on your last run and hit your head?

joyRuN said...

Very nice article! You're awesome :)

Liking the omnipresent Flyers gear.

Julianne said...

Running with a cause is really inspiring.. Especially when it's personal. Great article! :-)

Kelly said...

I am very grateful Bill is doing this; I am really honored and I think it will bring much needed awareness to ANRF. And I have to agree with progman2000. I wish I could have been part of the high school track team or even take part in a marathon today. But, I'm happy to be able to cheer on and support Bill...and my brother (when he ran in HS). GL Bill!

Laurel said...

Great stuff! It feels good to help out someone else while doing something we love so much.

Ted said...

That is a terrific idea. You rock, man! It is very inspiring to see like you who cares for others.