Sunday, November 16, 2008

10 mile runnus interruptus by cyclists

If ya couldn't figure out, from my post yesterday,who I was meeting for the last long run prior to the marathon, it was Shoreturtle! We planned on a 7:30am start time, at the local Dunkin Donuts. I was hoping all nite, that Turtle picked DD, to just hang and have the breakfast of champions, DONUTS! I was wrong, he actually wanted to run.

We hit the road and headed to Mercer County Park.The weather today was more like what it will be like next Sunday,for the marathon. It was in the 40's, partly sunny & windy. Hopefullyit will be without the wind. We discussed what pace to run at today, and I wanted to keep it around 8:45 - 9:00min miles. The firsts few miles where fast. I didn't mind it, and Charlie even said you run as you feel. With all the training, I have the built up energy, and I've been letting it out the last few runs. We were moving along at a nice comfortable clip, and headed into the woods, which will take us along the lake.When we got past the lake,and headed out towards the Marina, we ran into a road block!
We ran smack dab into the US Grand Prix of Cyclocross! What the heck is that?

As you can see in the above photos, we needed to cross that bridge, and that we did! We crossed the bridge, and where on their course for a few minutes! Luckily none of the cyclists where on course warming up!

Let me tell ya, Shoreturtle & I are fancy men, and we need to be informed of such events, when they take place in the middle of our 10 mile run! I mean these cyclists even posted signs to keep us out, but we ignored them!

Well, we had to navigating thru some of the course, to get back on track.
They tried their best to keep us out, but it did not workLook at the effort they put in, to keep us off track!

We got past this roadblock, and where back on course.. nice smooth sailing for the Turtle & I !

After our turn around, at about the 6 mile mark, we were headed back to the cyclocross track.

Do we turn to the right and head back to the cyclists, or do we stay to the left, and avoid the chaos? You guessed it, we turned right, and ran back! We were not to be denied by some nutty bikers, out for a Sunday stroll in the mud!

The goal of the run was 10 miles, but with the Cyclocross blocking part of our course, we settled for 9.62 miles. It was nice to run with Charlie. The man's a wealth of information about running, and what to expect on marathon race day. He gave me some great tips for my wife and her sister and husband, as for the best places to see me FLY by!

We had a great run, and with the vote of confidence I got from Charlie, I think I might just be ready. Just between us, I think he's a little nervous about yours truly, beating his time for Philly. His chip time was 3:53:01, while not impossible for me to hit, finishing is most important for me.

Well, that's it, the last of the Sunday long training runs! By this time next week (1:25pm EST), the marathon will be but a memory... hopefully a good one!

9.62 miles 1:22:25 (8:34 min/miles)

Mile / Time
1 8:36
2 8:21
3 8:15
4 8:43
5 8:11
6 8:35
7 8:47
8 8:47
9 8:46
.62 5:19


ShoreTurtle said...

Nice photos!

Thanks for the invite to join you this morning. It was fun.

You're definitely ready.

Don't forget, the marathon starts at 9am.

Truth be told, it starts at 7am, but I figure that a 2 hour late start might be enough to prevent you from beating my time.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Nice pace! Man, you guys are fast and pretty consistent. I went for an 8.75 mile run this morning and got nowhere near your pace.

You'll rock Philly, man! Best of luck. If the weather in Philadelphia next week is like it was today (a little less windy, though, please), I bet you'll give the 'turtle's time a run for its money. You'll finish and do it in under 4 hours - THAT I'm pretty certain of.

Good luck, brother!

joyRuN said...

Blatantly ignoring signs & vaulting over barriers - way to go!

Denise said...

Take it easy this week! This time next week we'll be celebrating!!

I'm meeting my running group at the art museum steps at 6:15am next Sunday for a picture.

Blyfinn said...

Sounds like you had a great time. And by the looks of your splits you seem to be ready for the race. I think you have a good shot at hitting the turtle's time.

Laurel said...

You're so ready. Your pace is still so speedy and shows no signs of slowing down. ST better watch out!

akshaye said...

That's crazy.. they must have had an ex-cop/CSI cordon that off for them! Good luck for next week!

SuperDave said...

Ok, now the nitty-gritty. Any predictions for time?

BeachRunner said...

Nice job defeating the Cyclocross barriers. Dang cyclocrossers. LOL. I just like saying/typing the word cyclocrossser.

Vava said...

Yet again, another great run for you! Well done, and nice work navigating the cyclocross meet. Don't be so down on the cyclists man - at least they're not driving cars or motorbikes!

Ted said...

Man - I am stoked that you are going to do GREAT this coming Sunday. I have great confidence that you will have a smashing success with your first marathon. I will look for you.

Nice and steady pace dude !!!

We need to do some praying and hopefully the weather will warm up a little bit for this Sunday run.

Girl In Motion said...

Woohoo, wishing you an utterly zoomy race! I'm posting on this entry because, small world, my boyfriend was at Mercer Park shooting the Cyclocross guys last weekend (not to kill...he's making a documentary on it). It's Kismet, I tell you!

Anyway, I hope to see you at Rocky beforehand, otherwise, I'll be around mile 12 or near Shoreturtle at 15. Confusing figuring this out, but I'm getting there.

Good luck!

sRod said...

Roadblocks are pretty popular in Central Park too. There is always a race (foot or cycle) going on.