Thursday, January 15, 2009

5 Frigid miles in Veteran's Park.

It was a cold 20deg, when I went for a run in Veteran's Park today. There was a wind, which made it feel even worse. I ran a modified Hangover 5 mile course.
The forecast for Friday is even colder, so I wanted to get this run in today.
I have started a routine, running Saturday on the trails, Sunday, and Tuesday & Thursday during the week. I don't have any set mileage amounts for the runs, I am just going how I feel.
As our buddy Beachy says, I'm just logging base miles.

I don't know if you can tell in this picture, but the 2 people are walking 2 basset hounds. Having 2 beagles, they are cool looking dogs.

This is one of the cool paths in the park. They built a boardwalk, in the woods, in an area that was "swampy". While it's not the Wildwood boardwalk, it's still fun to run on. I was having a race with a little sparrow, who was flying under the boardwalk. FYI... it was a tie.

Here are a bunch of Canadian Geese, enjoying the cold water of the lake. It was about 1/2 froze. I remember skating on the lake a bunch as a kid. Hopefully the cold weather will continue and it will be good for skating.
Anyway I ran the freezing 5 miles in 40: 00.

1 7:56
2 7:52
3 7:52
4 8:11
5 8:00


wmd said...

I have got to get out there and check out that park!

Chic Runner said...

Brrrrrrr it looks so cold there, but it also looks so pretty. You're freezing and I'm sweltering in CA. Crazy weather!

Progman2000 said...

Nice pictures, I need to get me a good running camera.

I also got my run in yesterday before the big freeze today. Although I was running at 5:30am while it was snowing and about 15 degrees (kind of funny that sounded better than this morning).

Denise said...

it's terrible out today. Just ran at the gym and am dreading my morning run tomorrow. :-(

the word verification is:
suckeoes (hee, hee)

BeachRunner said...

Quick and cold. Nice pics of a nice run. Way to go Homie!

Vava said...

Nice run, and great pics! Base miles my foot! - those are some fast base miles my friend... Nice running!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

It's crazy cold here in Joisey, man! You're a trooper. Or insane. Hey, it's all good.

Vet's Park is a great place to run, it looks like.

Nice stark winter pix, too. Did you take them on the fly?

FLYERS26 said...

yes, I took them on the fly.
I learned from the best.. Shoreturtle!
I did come across a deer with a nice rack, but by the time I got the camera out, he took off.

Blyfinn said...

looks cold. We hit -23 here without counting the wind chill that was in the -40's. I'll trade ya.

Michelle said...

Wow that looks awesome!!!

See you run on a boardwalk too!!!!

Laurel said...

Love the pics!

SuperDave said...

I love the trails! Not to mention the views are so much better. I haven't run em since the beginning of Fall - gott get back on em!

sRod said...

I know you say you live in Jersey, but from all your pictures I would guess Montana. I had no idea there were scenic trails like that in the neighboring state. I still can't get over how cold it was this weekend.