Saturday, January 10, 2009

11 miles on the trails, in the flurries.

I went for a run today with the Hamilton Area Trail Runs group.

There were 6 of us out in the woods of Mercer County Park.

Shoreturtle was the 1st there, and he went for a quick warm up run, and had 3 foxes run by him, barking and chasing each other. Pretty cool.

There was a good omen for the run, when I checked the temp outside, my digital thermometer read 26.2. I know.. I should have got a pic of it.

We ran 6.4 miles on the trails, and Progman(Paul) joined us today. I made him a deal, that if he ran with us, I would run the balance of the 11 miles he had to do.

I almost got out of it, I rolled the right ankle about 2 miles in. Yes, the "bad" ankle. Luckily, after a few minutes, it felt good. It was tight when I started,kinda felt like a rubber band was tightly around it. When I rolled it, it loosened up, and was fine.

We ran out to the dam and back.

We did an Indian run right before we hit the dam. The last person in the single file line, had to run to the front, ect.. It was a nice little speed workout, right before we ran up and down the hill at the dam.

I committed a Shoreturtle mortal sin today. I didn't have my camera charged, and the battery died. I was able to take a quick group shot, before it died.

We ran 6.4 with the group, and the rest of the 11 miles, Charlie & I ran with Paul (Prog), helping him get the mileage in.

11 miles 1:45:29 (9:35 avg.)

1 10:33
2 9:46
3 10:06
4 8:57
5 9:25
6 9:46
7 9:32
8 9:32
9 9:35
10 8:55
11 9:13


hurley said...

Great run today. The flurries added a nice touch. I do hope that ankle is ok though!

joyRuN said...

I'd need to train to keep up with you guys.

ShoreTurtle said...

Great run this morning. Running the trails with a group is a lot of fun. The snow covered ice that we encountered in the extra ice made it an adventure.

wmd said...

It looks like fun!

You should have got a pic of the 26.2 temp! I pass the 26.2 mile marker on 295 almost everyday and I really want to stop and take a pic of that. lol

BeachRunner said...

Nice run with the group. Sounds like so much fun. I hope the ankle is ok.

Progman2000 said...

Thanks for hanging in for the 11. I'll be looking for the next trail run.

Marci said...

That looks like alot of fun. Love the trail runs!

Denise said...

I loved running in the flurries today! Sounds like you had a great run, too!

Sonia said...

Great run! Hope that ankle is still feeling ok after you ran on it. Maybe that's what I need to get mine less stiff LOL

Laurel said...

I love Indian runs! I used to do them with my marathon group in Miami. Breaks up the monotony.

That's crazy about your ankle. Maybe I should go out there and roll mine to see if it helps. Ha!

SuperDave said...

Yeah I know, Paul told us how you shoved him on the ground then kicked him after he fell down. He covered for you though - he said he was doing some sort of top secret crosstraining move.
I got my eye on ya...

Michelle said...

Nice run dude!!!

Keep it up!!!